iOS7: text too light? How to make it more bold

I caught a member of my family griping about Apple’s iOS7 operating system yesterday, saying the new font used system-wide was too light to read easily. “What about people with seriously impaired vision?”, she said. “Surely they make allowance for that?”

Which of course set me thinking. Of course they do. So there must be a setting to improve the legibility of the type for those without the sight of a 12-year-old. It didn’t take long to find. Launch the Settings app, click General and then Accessibility. Here you’ll find all of these things to play with:

Change type to bold in iOS7

You’ll see “Bold Text” as an option. This doesn’t seem to have an impact in every app, but it certainly does in most places. You can also try “Larger Type” and “Increase Contrast”.

How to Reduce Motion in iOS7

There’s also an option under Accessibility to “Reduce Motion”. This turns off the “parallax” effect which most people find cool, but others find a little nauseous. However, the bouncing message bubbles and the “app zooming” you’re going to have to live with, for now. I imagine there’ll be an update soon to address the issue, as I suspect Apple didn’t see the movement being such a problem to so many people.