Films of the Year 2013

Christmas approaches, and that means it’s time for my Films Of The Year. By the looks of my email ticket confirmations from the Arts Picturehouse and the rather splendid myCineWorld Booking History page, I would appear to have seen about 25 films this year, which I guess is about average. Picking 10 from that isn’t going to be too hard …so let’s get straight to it!

In ascending order…

10. Star Trek Into Darkness

Sherlock hamming it up splendidly. “I am better. At everything.” Was very excited about seeing this. Wasn’t disappointed.

9. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Liked the first film in the series, but this was actually better. “I agree she should die. But in the right way, at the right time.”

8. The World’s End

“What do we do? Let’s finish our drinks” – a film which might have ended up higher in the list had I seen it more than once, I suspect.

7. Blue Jasmine

Charming film, but not a return to form for Woody Allen, as in my opinion he never went away anyway. Oscar for Cate Blanchett please.

6. Rock and Roll’s Greatest Failure

Love the genius that is Otway. Love the Arts Picturehouse for giving him an evening to introduce the film and do Q&As. Laughed like a drain.

5. About Time

Not at all cool to like this. I don’t care. Blubbed my heart out, as surely did anyone who’s recently lost a father. But funny too.

4. Iron Man 3

Blimey. I did not expect this to be anything like this good. Some achievement for the trailer to eliminate all the humour.

3. Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

Unquestionably the funniest film of the year. “I’m Alan Partridge! I’ve not been off the TV that long!” Want to see this again.

2. Captain Phillips

Sat transfixed for an hour and a half. Great acting, but it’s the direction which makes this film stay with you for a long time afterwards.

1. Gravity

Wow. Breathtaking. I’m not sure what else you can say about this. You really felt like you were part of an “event” just watching this film.