A Movie A Week in 2014 – halfway stage update

So, with the help of a Cineworld Unlimited card, my target this year has been to see one film a week on the big screen. Not too much of a hardship, and at the halfway stage I’ve nearly done it – just the last-minute intervention of the World Cup got in the way. But still, 24 movies in 26 weeks, not bad. I’m still crossing my fingers that we’ll still have a Cineworld multiplex in Cambridge by the end of the year – there’s a distinct possibility that the idiocy of the unloved and unwanted “Competition Commission” could still mess up film-going for everyone in the city.

But enough of the rants, and here are my awards for the first half of the year. I’ve found 12 of the 24 which warrant a mention.

Best Movie: Edge Of Tomorrow

Ambitious but supremely entertaining science fiction, great leads, and genuine humour without jokes. I loved this and I’d happily watch it again and again and again (see what I did there?).

Runner Up (1): The Grand Budapest Hotel

People are making all sorts of comparisons to Wes Anderson’s other films, but this is nothing like anything I’ve ever seen before. Ever. Ralph Fiennes turns out to be a comedy genius too.

Runner Up (2): Frank

Just as wonderfully bonkers as The Grand Budapest Hotel, in the best way. The film this year I’ve most wanted to take to the streets to evangelise about. But don’t make me, just watch it.

Best Kids Film For Grown-Ups: The Lego Movie

Everything is awesome. Seriously.

Best Movie Making A Joke Out Of Being A Follow-Up: Muppets Most Wanted

Everyone went on about the supremely crass 22 Jump Street being so cleverly aware that it was a follow-up, but this movie did it better, and first.

Guiltiest Pleasure: The Love Punch

It’s like a “Terry and June” Christmas Special where they get the budget to go to the south of France for 90 minutes. Preposterous. Utterly forgettable. I loved it.

Most Overrated Movie (1): American Hustle

Didn’t get it (1). Great cast, just boring.

Most Overrated Movie (2): Inside Llewyn Davies

Didn’t get it (2). Great music, just boring.

Swearingest Movie: The Wolf of Wall Street

The supercut of the swearing lasts nearly 7 minutes. Seriously. Loved the movie though.

Most Gilliam-esque Movie: The Double

That’s a compliment, by the way.

Best Documentary: The Armstrong Lie

Amazing story.

Best Travelogue: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Iceland is bloody fantastic, isn’t it? And the movie doesn’t stop there.

Other movies I saw in the first half of 2014:

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
The Monuments Men
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
X-Men: Days Of Future Past

A Long Way Down
The Amazing Spider Man 2

Not So Good
22 Jump Street

Finally, a three-way tie for pin-up of the year so far. Gratuitous objectification of women. Na-na-na, not listening.