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O2 Arena Parking Tips 2020

This post is just to round up a few things I’ve found out about parking at the O2 and my own recent experience of event parking there, as most discussions you find through Google date back several years. I hope it’s useful.

(Updated regularly)

This post lists what I’ve found out about parking at the Greenwich, London O2 Arena (the old Millennium Dome), and my experience of event parking there. I hope it’s useful, and please use the comments to add anything else which you know! The article was originally written at the end of 2014, but has been continually updated. More importantly, the comments thread at the bottom has taken on a life of its own and now, in 2020, it’s just as useful as the article itself, so do read everything. If you’re short on time, read the introduction here, then scroll all the way to the bottom and start reading the most recent comments first.

The main car parks at the O2 are Car Park 1 (“Event Parking”), Car Park 2 (“Non Event Parking”) and the North Greenwich Station Car Park.

“Non Event Parking” means parking for people visiting the cinema and restaurants, although I cannot understand how they know who’s doing what, and I don’t suppose anyone takes much notice of this. Let me know in the comments below if you know better. Here’s the map:

O2 Greenwich Car Parks map

The area isn’t as huge as it looks, it’s only 5–10 minutes’ walk from the top of the map to the bottom, and if you’re there at night, there are loads of people around, it’s well lit and adequately marshalled, so don’t worry about safety.

Directions: Once you’ve come off the A102, follow the road round and Car Park 1 is the first on the right; Car Park 2 and the North Greenwich Station Car Park are the second turning on the right. If you want to familiarise yourself with the area in advance, have a play on Google Street View here.

If you’re coming to a big event at the O2, and you want the least grief, you can book a place in Car Park 1 online before the event here. Very nice, but also very expensive at £21.00 £25.00 £26.00 £27.00 £28.00 £29.00. Getting in is straightforward – getting out can be variable: I’ve done it in a couple of minutes, but on one occasion I queued for nearly an hour. Much depends on how close to the exit you can park.

If you get the message “Sorry This Car Park Is Full” when trying to book online for Car Park 1, it just means that the spaces they’ve allocated for pre-booking have been used up. Apparently there are still spaces available on the day, but I’ve read that these cost even more than the above. Let me know in any latest prices in the comments below.

Note: if your event is at the ‘Indigo’, commenters below say that Car Park 1 is much cheaper (yes, it’s the same car park). Go figure.

However, Car Park 1 is the most expensive car park, so if you can’t book that in advance, or don’t want to do so, obviously you should try the cheaper non-bookable car parks first when you get there. But you might want to forget pre-booking and just try them anyway – it depends on how much the saving means to you. Because it can be a big saving.

Let’s look at Car Park 2. This is the pay-and-display car park designed for people visiting the cinema and restaurants, with the hourly rates at the bottom of this page. Parking for 2 to 4 hours (probably enough for a gig) is just £9, a heck of a lot less than Car Park 1. As I mentioned above, I’ve no idea how they tell you’re going to a gig, rather than a restaurant …and of course many people do both anyway. So I can’t see why gig-goers can’t use this car park. Commenters below may have an opinion on this.

One more thing: customers with a ticket for Cineworld at the O2 get free parking for up to four hours in Car Park 2! Although the O2 Cineworld is quite expensive, if you thought you were going to be in and out of the car park inside four hours, you could always buy a Cineworld ticket instead of a car park ticket, if that worked out cheaper. You just need to get it validated to get out of the car park.

Last but definitely not least, there’s the North Greenwich Station Car Park (take the second car park entrance off the main road, and it’s the first car park you come to). Despite the name, this is just another car park, no different to Car Park 1 or Car Park 2.

Like Car Park 2, there’s no guarantee there’ll be space here. For one gig, we had to drive round for about 10 minutes before someone vacated a space. On several other occasions, there’s been plenty of space straight away. But the car park is used by people going into London on the tube, so if you’re arriving for an evening gig, there’s a decent chance someone will be on their way back home at that time. It’s well worth a try. The car park seems to have a flat rate of £12.50, but the really cool thing is that you can now pay for it by app without tickets or barriers, and you get a text message saying the money’s been debited to your credit card. Cool. It’s all done by automatic recognition of your car number plate. To use the system, you must register for a Dash Park account you need the PayByPhone app on a smartphone. That’s all. But if you don’t want to take advantage of all that techno-stuff, you can just buy a ticket.

UPDATE March 2015 (see comments below): it seems that they’ve stuck in a £25 charge for arriving in the station car park after 7pm, possibly to deter concert-goers.But you can still get the cheap rate if you get in before 7pm, as many concert-goers will do.

UPDATE: do also consider not parking at the venue itself; some alternatives are discussed in the comments below.

So that’s my experience – if you have any other tips, let everyone know in the comments below. If you’re short on time, scroll down and read the most recent comments at the very bottom.

248 replies on “O2 Arena Parking Tips 2020”

I’ve found it easier to park in the city of an evening or weekend and get the DLR or tube to the O2 and back. Or during the daytime you can park on the opposite side and get the cable car across. I find both cheaper and less stressful than driving to the O2.

Thanks for the advice. Usually I would train it to the 02, but this coming Sunday its The Who’s rearranged gig and of course, we all know how fantastic the trains are on a Sunday. Unless I want to spend half the journey home on a bus and arrive home well after 1am, then be up again at 6am, I have to drive. I was wondering exactly what you have written of – How do they tell who is going to which attraction or event when in the cheaper car park? I thought it too good to be true when looking at the parking website, but having read your article? Maybe they rely on people pre booking and paying full whack and simply not checking beforehand?

Another option I have considered – Does anyone have recommendations for parking somewhere close to the 02 that is convenient to a station maybe? Is there a bus to the 02 from the Blackheath area maybe?

We went to the O2 yesterday evening for bowling & found that the station car park has introduced a new level of charge, presumable to penalise anyone who wants to stay into the evening! It costs £6 on a Sunday to park during the day but if you want to stay until after 7pm there is now an additional charge of £25

I went to see the Who on Monday night and parked in the station carpark. It cost me £11. If you arrive before 7pm its £11 if you arrive after 7pm its £25. The carpark is easier to get out of than the O2 car parks and as long as you arrive before 7pm its cheaper. Winner all round.

planning to go to the o2 sunday wanted to know if it £6 for the station car park up to 7 in the afternoon and is it pay and display

If you arrive at the station car park before 7pm and depart after 7pm do you just pay the £11.90 ? and not the £25.

It appears so. I contacted NCP and they replied: “The evening rate is only applied to your parking when you enter the car park after 7pm.”

Went for a meal at the o2 satrday nite; less than 3 hours in car park 2; £25!!! Thats about £8.33 an hour; that is robbery the result- no business from us there ever again- ludicrous

I just wanted to add a comment re the parking issues at the O2. My partner and I took my children to a gig there Easter Sunday, and parked in the station car park which cost £6, which is the daytime Sunday rate up until 7pm (Mon to Sat £11.90). The sign also says parking after 7pm is a fixed price of £25. Initially we thought we had to pay both, but in VERY small writing underneath it states that each parking session expires at 02.59 am so the £6 we paid covered us for the whole evening and was a bargain compared to the £30 that was being asked at the main car park! Will definitely park there again and hope this helps others.

If you have a cineworld unlimited card,16 pounds a month, you don’t even buy a cinema ticket. Just order online and leave the car park after film finishes. Just remember to pick the ticket up at the automated machines tho. And that works for four hours free in car park 2,3,and 4

Great advice, thank you. I however have always found the drive to 02 easy and straight forward. I always book in advance for car park 1 so I’m guaranteed my spot for the evening. I think the £20 is reasonable if you have a car full and want to go for a meal as well. It would cost us £25 each for railcards, so we make a great saving and don’t have to drive round ages waiting for a space .. X


I was just wondering (this is probably a stupid question but can’t find the answer online anywhere!) if I prebook car park 1, £25 for a concert would that guarantee me a parking space for the whole of that day or is there a specific time slot/amount of hours that covers?

Thanks for clarifying, bought pre booked parking but thought the Car Park 2 was another section of the NG Station car park – big mistake, ended up paying twice ..

reading the comments but to save money and what I usually do is park at B&Q / cinema down the road and either walk which takes 15-20 minutes or bus there which is about 5 minute ride and it’s easy plus you get 5 hours free parking and save you so much money also saves time .

Is the 5 hours free at Sainsburys/B&Q between certain times?

I am planning on driving to Take That this weekend I was hoping to arrive at 16:30 and leave after the concert about 23:00.

If the 5 hour limit finishes at 8pm then I’ll be ok.

If its active 24 hours then it wont work for me as I need about 6.5 hours.

I am the most lazy person in the world and drive absolutely everywhere. Parking has always been an issue! Drove to winter wonderland and it’s not very expensive actually if you have a well paid job. My concern is not so much the money to park! My concern is I want to get out my car take 2 steps and I’m there. So which car park is closest to the entrance and which number if I was to prebook? Going to concert this evening to be brutalised with that Ariana grande who I’m not a fan but my little sis is a huge fan. So I’m driving her there and ready to be tortured the next few hours! Wish they had plugs for your ears. Does anyone know if they sell these at the arena?

Does anyone know if you can get discounted parking at the O2 arena if you are a customer of O2?

Nicky. Did you use the Sainsburys Greenwich car park for the Take That O2 concert ? Were you charged by UK parking control who are responsible for that car park for the time over the 5 hours? As like you I need 6/7 hours there arriving 4.30 pm ish. Thanks

Pre booked Car Park 1 Saturday 11th July 2015. Arrived to find number plate recognition system not working. Luckily I had printed out invoice and booking confirmation and taken these with me so I was able to produce these to the car park attendant on the barrier and get in. So don’t trust technology print out the paperwork and take it with you.

£25 is expensive for parking but as I had a car load I just about broke even with what I would have had to pay in fares and I didn’t have to keep changing trains and tubes.

Leave plenty of time for journey as last 3 to 4 miles through Blackwall Tunnell were very slow.

Good Luck.

Just one quick tip – Have literally just gotten off the phone with NCP, and what he told me was that as stated above was correct in that as long as you are in the *station* car park AND HAVE PAID BEFORE 7pm, the total charge is just the daily charge, which on a sunday is £6.

However, what some people have been doing is paying by phone, but not paying until they leave. DO NOT DO THIS. The charging tariff that will be applied is whatever is in force at the time of payment. If you leave it until after 7pm to pay, then you will be charged the £25. You are supposed to pay at point of entry

As long as you are in the car park, and have paid before 7pm, your ticket is valid until 02:59 the next day.

You will also have to enter your registration on the parking machine which will hook up the data and parking charge with the ANPR that is in force at the car park. Do not screw up entering your registration details 🙂

Is there any height restriction barriers at the North Greenwich NCP, or others 1&2 I have a VW T5 camper van will I get in? Thanks all

They’re all open air, street level car parks. I cant remember any artificial height barriers. Google Street View will probably be your friend here: take a look and see!

Need some advice please! I entered the Greenwich Station NCP Car Park last Sunday at 6.50pm not aware that it was a ANPR style car park. There appeared to be only 1 parking meter with a queue 20 of about 20 people. So I decided I would try to pay by phone. I found that I had to register in order to set up payment. I duly registered but was unable to pay as the line kept cutting out.
I left the car park at approximately 10.45pm. Again, the parking meter was extremely busy. So I decided to leave and pay online when I got home. Unfortunately, I had problem with my car and did not get home till 3.00am.
In the morning I tried to make payment for the parking and was informed ‘I was out of time’ and that I needed to make the payment by 02:59. I feel this is rather unfair.
I am prepared to pay the parking charge but NCP are not accepting my payment.
Do I have any grounds for appeal for when I receive the PCN (which I am sure I will soon)?
Thank You

Hoping to park at North Greenwich NCP later this month for an event at the O2. Will have my young daughter with me so just wanted to no how close it is and safety etc. We’ll be coming out around 10.30pm I expect? Any advice would be appreciated

Hi Donna: It’s just 3 or 4 minutes’ walk from the entrance, and only that long because you’ll be in a crowd. Well signposted and lit, loads of people around, perfectly safe.

Is North Greenwich car park the nearest car park then Chris? How much is it? Is it closer to the 02 than the cheaper station car park. Taking daughter to one direction concert soon so don’t want to be wandering about late at night?…..thanks in advance!

Hi Jo – I think what you’re calling North Greenwich Car Park and the station car park are one and the same thing. You won’t be wandering around late at night after a big gig wherever you park, there’ll be hundreds of people flooding out and going to the various car parks, all of which are well signposted and well lit (as well as being marshalled).

The North Greenwich station car park is a lot cheaper £11 for the whole day (Sep 2015) and only 3/5 minutes walk through the tube station! Can’t beat that…. Thanks!

Another approach for the O2 is not to park there at all. If you go to Blackheath Standard, there’s a reasonable amount of free street parking, especially outside shopping hours and a little car park that costs about £2. You can then catch a 422 or 108 down to the O2 which takes under 15 minutes. There’s also a cafe there which does reasonable meals (all-day breakfasts, burgers, shepherd’s pie etc) at non-venue prices.

If you think you can get in and out within five hours, there’s an even better option. For example, if you park at 18.45 for an evening concert, you have until 23.45 to return. Park in the “Sainsbury’s at Greenwich Peninsula” Car Park – ironically, the Sainsbury’s has moved out now, except for the petrol station, but even before, there was plenty of room. You are entitled to five hours free parking. But remember it’s an £80 fine or a big battle with one of those PCN parking companies if you overstay. From that car park, you can get about 30 buses an hour to do the 10 minute ride to the O2. All the buses from the stop opposite the old Sainsbury’s go there. When you go back avoid the 188 or 422 – any other bus goes past there. An easy way to remember it is to avoid any bus whose last two numbers are the same (ie 1-88, or 4-22). Geddit? So you have 108, 129, 132, 161, 486, 472. I think that’s it, but might have missed one or two.

To catch a bus, you’ll need a cashless means of payment – contactless payment cards, Oyster cards, Travelcards. See for further details.

My wife is taking our 6 year old to One Direction next Tuesday. They’re going by train/tube after school from St.Albans.
I’ve said I’d drive down later & pick them up as I know how long it can take to get home that late at night & she’s got school the next day. I was going to nip into a car park late on & meet them but it sounds like it would cost a fortune even for just 30-60 mins. Is there a cheap option for my needs or is the drop off / pick up zone easy to use & circulate if required?

2 years ago I hit 60 years of age – my 2 sons treated me and my grandson to tickets for the WWE, an enjoyable evening. Two things spoilt it, the main one being parking at 30 pounds per car. Absolutely diabolical by AEG, as far as I am concerned robbery (also, the WWE hardly had any merchandise to sell apart from charging an extortionate price for a programme). The O2 arena are modern day robin hoods.

Hi guys, looking through the website regarding parking it looks like you can park in one of the car parks for event parking for Indigo at the O2, and this would be £13.50 if booked in advance.
You do have to select which event you’re going to, and there is an event on the same day as I want to go (this Wednesday). Just wondered if anyone knows if they actually check what event you’re going to?

Hi, I am going to a show on Thursday October 01st at the O2. So you think I’ll get parking at 6pm at the North Greenwich station car park? I’ll be leaving at around 11pm so will this be the cheaper £11 or as I’m staying later will it be £25? Thanks – Katy

Hi Katy – I don’t know any more than is in all the discussion above! But if you can find room in the station car park at 6pm, it would seem from what people have said above that it’ll cost £11.

Went last night and parking was easily and far cheaper than I expected in the end.

The Thameslink trains were cancelled so I ended up driving my wife and daughter to The O2. We arrived at 6.32pm without any prior booking. I ignore Car Park 1 as I knew that would cost me £30. I turned into the Station Car Park but there was a sign saying “NO SPACES”. I didn’t believe this as I could see some but I assume they put this out until 7pm to make some cash.

I went into Car Park 2 and the guy on the barrier said if you’re going to the event it’ll cost you £30. I said they were but I might go to the cinema. He said retain your cinema ticket and validate it at the car park office (situated the north side of car park 1); you’ll get 4 hours free, and if you’re over 4 hours you’ll be charged at the hourly rate if you can prove you went to the cinema (hourly rate is £9 between 4-6 hours stay).

I knew I’d be over 4 hours as we arrived a little too early and the concert wouldn’t end until 10.45. I ended up buying a ticket inside and the O2 staff re-sat all of us together in a better block on level 1. Result!

Then on leaving the car park at 10.58pm I thought I’ll just pay the £30 as I’m way over 4 hours and hadn’t been to the cinema. Put the ticket in the machine and it asked for just £9. RESULT!

So there you have it. Ignore all the scary stories. I parked in the nearest space to the venue, literally next door to the zebra crossing taking you to the O2 walkway, for over 4 hours, without prebooking or going to the cinema and it cost me £9.

I went into the station carpark on a sunday to collect a friend from the station. Only when I was in did I realise about the ANPR – so i paid the 6 pounds for literally 5 mins rather than risk a fine. Is there a grace period if I’d left quickly or if for example there were no spaces?

Great blog and useful comments. Just a heads up, I am going to see Squeeze tonight at Indigo at the O2 (that’s the smaller arena). I was going to take the plunge and pre book for £25 to avoid hassle and having to think! But I just clicked on the event on the parking website and it turns out you can get Car Park 1 for £14 if your event is at Indigo. So if you are going to Squeeze tonight don’t just click on Event Parking, make sure you select Indigo!

Made a big mistake last night going to circus at 02 in that I drove in accidentally to station car park but drove out as soon as I realised it was £25 and parked in car park 2 for £7. However spoke to dash parking this morning I am probably going to be charged anyway even though I drove out again within a few minutes. Waiting for them to get back to me. Any advice welcome.

Can you buy a ticket earlier in the day for car the station car park and then enter later before 7pm to avoid the higher charge? I realise I would have to walk into the car park and buy the ticket at,say, mid day.

Great blog page, very useful. Went to U2 last night and drove straight into the station car park around 6.15pm (ignoring the nonsense “car park full” sign). Plenty of spaces and paid at the ticket machine straightaway with a debit card, £11 for the evening for a space right next to the O2. Result!

Met some friends for lunch at Gouchos only to find car park charge was £30. Absolutely no signage advising of charge prior to having lunch.

Looking just today and notice that arena and indigo venues both use car park 1. Depending on which you say you are going to the charges are £14 or £25… for the SAME CAR PARK.

I cant see any justification for difference charges on the same physical car park. The only difference was that there were far fewer places available at £14 than £25 – approx 60 and 650 respectively.

When I did get around to booking the indigo spaces had all gone and my other half doesnt want the stress of possibly not being able to park. So £25 it was

It worked for me on Sunday night. Unfortunately, only one payment machine was working, but it wasn’t that difficult to sort out payment by phone. thanks for the tip!

Hi,I have an event at the Indigo this Saturday.Parking for this is £14 but on the website there is no indication at what time I can arrive.It is £25 for normal O2 arena parking and that says it’s available from 10:00.There is no time stated for the Indigo.Anyone know if I can book the £14 parking and arrive at 10:00am.Thanks.


Found this very helpful, off to a gig at brooklyn bowl this evening and was about to pre-book parking but having seen these comments I will definitely avoid!

Will update you further, but thanks for your advice 😀

As promised an update!

So we arrived at 6 o’clock on the sunday, I would make sure you leave plenty of time to pay as they only seemed to have two machines and one was broken!

True to the word, it was £6.00 flat rate!

Thanks guys, this was amazing help!! 😀

Just came back from Mumford & Sons last night at the o2 and hopefully this tip will help others.

If you park at the Millennium Leisure Park (postcode is SE10 0QJ for your sat nav) it is free parking 7 days a week, up to a maximum of 5 hours stay. There are lots of spaces. If possible, try and park nearer to Nandos as that is where the bus stop is. To go to the o2 you want the bus stop OPPOSITE Nandos. Pretty much any of the buses on that stop go to the o2 and it takes 8 minutes flat. If you want to walk it (which we would have done but decided we might be cutting it too close to start time) the walk time on Google Maps said between 18-22 minutes (depending on if you walk slow/fast).

To catch the bus on your return it’s bus stops B and C. Bus fare is £1.50 per person each way and you will either need an Oyster card topped up, or you can tap in with any credit/debit card.

Hope this helps! 🙂

Hi. I’m going to school choirs event at the O2 in the new year with my young daughter and was wondering how long it takes to get out of the car parks once the event had finished at O2? If it’s hours of queuing to get out of the car park and queuing to go through blackwall tunnel, I was thinking about staying at a nearby hotel (walking distance) as my daughter will need to go to school the next day. Does anyone recommend staying at a nearby hotel or is it worth just driving home as queuing isn’t really that bad? Also anyone know a reasonably priced hotel nearby within easy walking distance with free (or cheap) parking? I was thinking about walking back to the hotel from the O2 to avoid having to sit in the car for long hours to get out of the car park …any advice would be gratefully received as school is not forthcoming with info.

W, I have been to the Young Voices concert twice with my school & the longest time is spent getting out of the O2 itself, getting out of the car parks was pretty quick as they have lots of staff directing coaches etc to get everyone out as quickly as possible.
I would say getting home that night will be easier than trying to get away in the morning rush hour that close to the Blackwall tunnel.

Took the kids to Disney on Ice today and was checking the details on parking last night before we set off in the morning. To be quite honest the thought of paying £30-£35 to park for a quarter of a day literally turned my stomach. I also noticed that ‘non event parking’ was on an hourly tariff (still expensive but more real world than the event car park). So I opted against pre-booking and exploring the possibility of parking in CP2 and getting away with it, the penalty being only £5 extra for not pre-booking (if you’re paying £30 to park a car you may as well pay £1000 in my opinion).

Driving up to the arena I ignored the signs for CP1 and headed straight for CP2, where stationed on the gate was an arena employee who was asking people if they were there for Disney on Ice. I assumed the car in front said yes because the man used his fob to let that vehicle in and straight back out of the car park. When I arrived at the gate he asked me and I simply told him no we weren’t, we were going to have a look around and maybe visit the cinema. And we were in. The car park was empty, To make it easier to leave I parked as close to the exit as I could and walked to the arena. After the show I walked straight up to an empty ticket machine and paid £9 from 1200 to 1740. And then bored everyone to tears on the way home with my story about saving £21 on car parking. Incidentally the £21 saving was the same price as six ice cream tubs from a wandering vendor in the arena!

So don’t be conned into pre-booking event parking, get there a little earlier (admittedly this was a Saturday afternoon show, so can’t comment on evening performances) and lie about what your purpose of visit is when questioned on entry. And don’t take bags of sweets or drinks with you as these will be confiscated faster than you can say Haribo.

Prices have gone up slightly for Car Parks: 2-4 hours is £8, 4-6 hours is £10. Website not been updated yet?!

Also, website says ‘hourly rate’ is £8 if you stay for 2-4 hours but it’s not, that’s the price you pay for 2-4 hours. I was thinking it was going to cost a fortune but not so bad and cheaper than buying a single cinema ticket to get the 4 hours of free parking.

How likely is it to get a space at the station carpark at around 4pm on a Monday? Was thinking it may not empty out until later in the day when commuters are leaving

Wow! What a minefield! I was just about to pre book a ticket at the O2 for £25 but then thought I would read this first, glad I did as hopefully we will be able to save some money when seeing our daughter in Young Voices in a couple of weeks. I think I will try the North Greenwich Station first or maybe pre-book Car Park 1 but for ‘Indigo’ if that is possible. Does anyone have an up to date experience of either? I don’t want to do that and then end up paying the £30 on top if something goes wrong. We hope to arrive about 5pm and leave about 11pm. Any info gratefully received. THANKS for this fab blog Chris, everyone.

Great blog!!!!
Going to see Kevin Hart on Sunday 24th Jan 2016 and was wondering if anyone else got away with saying they were going to the cinema or restaurant instead of an event?
Really can’t justify £25 on parking, that would basically fill up my petrol tank for the week!!!
I just dont understand how anyone in there right mind would think £25 is ok, on top of the exortiant ticket/food/merch prices.

has anyone parked at the local B&Q car park when visiting the o2?
if so, I understand that this is free for 5 hours but there’s a chance that ill be over 5 hours so is there a pay and display machine there or any way I can pay for an additional 2 hours after the 5 hours free parking just to be sure?

Thanks !

I’m going Kevin Hart on Sunday 24th too.. Hoping to just try and park in Car Park 2 and say im going to the bars/restaurant.. anyone tried this recently??

Martin – It’s a bit of a walk, about a mile, poss less but there are plenty of buses that will get you there in a couple mins. Any bus with North Greenwich Station on it will do.

This has been the most useful page on the entire internet with regard to parking at the O2. We went to an event recently at the O2. Reading this blog I didn’t want to pay £25 for pre booking a place in Car Park 1. It was for a Monday evening. Instead, we went to Car Park 2, plenty of space at 5:30pm and the man on the entrance asked where we were going this evening. I said the cinema and we took a ticket from machine at the barrier. We paid at the machine at the end of the event, we had been there nearly 4 hours and it was £8. There were people all around who were being charged £31, even though we had been at the same place for the same amount of time, but they had told the man on the entrance, when asked, they were going to an event at the O2. We also zoomed straight out the car park at the end. So basically don’t pre book, if you are prepared to take the risk of not getting a space – but if you give yourself plenty of time, even if the car parks are full (unlikely) you can do one of the other options mentioned in this blog, park in car park 2, tell the person on the gate you are going to the cinema or out for a meal, be prepared to explain to your 7 year old why you have just lied, and pay your parking at the end of your night. Parking at the O2 the way the O2 want you to park is the biggest con and they rely on people not doing their research!

I am going to O2 show on Sunday afternoon that starts at 1:30, leaving about 6pm. Can you advise which car park to use without lying about using cinema? Like the idea of parking across the water and catching cable car across!

Hi. I’m going to I am the greatest and wanted to drive as it is a birthday present for him and a surprise so just wanted to drive in. I wanted to pre book but can’t for this sort of event apparently. So I’m not sure what to do now. I hate going on a train. Our tickets are for 3pm. My sense of direction is rubbish so will have to rely on satnav would anyone advise as to whether I should try car park 2 ? I’m a bit confused

Adele, 21/3/16: Following the advice on this page we arrived at the North Greenwich Station car park at 18.15. Lots of available parking, only one pay machine available so probably worthwhile downloading app. Waited probably around 45mins to exit on leaving.

Thanks for that; all post-event feedback very welcome. – Chris

Hi just an update.. Went over to o2 to see muse (sold out) and there were plenty of spaces in the station car park..

I used the app to pay for parking long before I got there.. Was a gamble I know..

The downside.. And not sure if is across all car parks is that took me 1h to exit the car park..

I suspect there may be parking attendants on the official car parks stopping the traffic but can’t be too sure

Hey man, just wanted to say thanks for this information. Was really struggling to find anything useful and this one page has now sorted it all for me. Thanks!

Went to Adele a couple of weeks ago and paid the outrageous pre-booked fee for Car Park 1. I noticed the other car parks which were nearer, and had loads of spaces in them, so wanted to try and avoid doing the same thing again for Muse this coming Friday.
We’ll be getting to the O2 early, so will be there from about 16:00 – 23:00. Would this rule out Car Park 2 as we’re likely to be there for more than 6 hours? My question about the Station Car Park is whether there are likely to be any spaces at around 16:00 if it is used by commuters – does anyone have any experience of it at this time?

Going to see Muse at the O2 this Thursday. Can anyone else confirm that getting out of the station car park takes an hour? I don’t want to save time by driving, only to be held up for an hour getting out of the car park!

Also, has anyone ever parked at “Modern Wharf”? Looks like £10 for 24 hours and closer than B&Q.

Also going to see Muse on Thursday night (14th April). This is a very helpful page and I’d almost made my decision which was to go to one of the car parks and lie about the cinema. Then l read Antonio’s post! I echo rfp and certainly don’t want to spend an hour getting out of the car park as I then have to drive to back Cambridgeshire. I usually drive to Redbridge, park at the station there and hop on the tube. However, although the parking is cheap, by the time I’ve bought two travel cards or return tube tickets I may as well pay the premium £25 parking fee!
I will check out Modern Wharf too.

Went to see Muse last night, drove into car park 2 about 6pm (next door to the station) parking officer asked us where we were going we said “meeting friends for a meal” got a space right at the front literally a few mins walk to o2. Upon exit the person in front put their ticket in and were charged £31, they were advised even in non event car parks when there is an event on they will still be charged event prices if they enter after 7pm. Our price was £11. It took a minute to exit car park, and about 20 mins waiting on the road outside the car park. We were in the Blackwall Tunnel within 30 mins of arriving at our car.

Thank you to everyone on this page for the advice. It worked perfectly!

We went to see Muse on Monday and Tuesday night. On Monday we parked at the Millennium Leisure Park, which was a doddle – loads of spaces. Realistically though, it’s a 20 minute walk, unless you’re doing it at a brisk pace, which my wife doesn’t. Muse finished around 10.40, so we were well within the 5 hours free parking limit.

On Tuesday night we ate at Nando’s at the Millennium Leisure Park (quieter than all the O2 eateries) but then drove up and parked in car park 2 at the O2 and said we were going to the cinema. We got there at 7.30 and had no problems parking – still lots of spaces.

I have a Cineworld Unlimited card, so used that to get a cinema ticket and was out before the 4 hour time limit, so it was free parking 🙂 Getting it validated was easy and quick as well.

It took around 5 minutes to get out of the car park i.e. past the exit barrier, but then the fun started. Two lanes of traffic approaching the mini roundabout just past car park 2 to turn around because the sign says “Exit All Routes”.

BUT, if you ignore that and go straight ahead and then turn right at West Parkside, that takes you down past car park 1. On Monday we walked past that and it was really quiet but last night there was a bit of a jam thanks to lights and two lanes of traffic exiting car park 1. In hindsight, I could have driven down East Parkside and joined Edmund Halley Way further down and skipped all of the car park 1 traffic. You live and learn…

All in all, we’d have been as quick walking back to the Millennium Leisure Park. So, if you don’t have a Cineworld card, want guaranteed free parking and don’t mind a little bit of a walk, then that’s what I’d do. It also saves the stress of being stuck in a traffic queue for a while. Bottom line though, it didn’t take an hour for me to get out – so good luck!

One other tip for the moment – the A102 has late night roadworks going eastbound heading for the A2. Down to one lane and every bugger with a sense of entitlement was ignoring the signs at 800 yards and pushing in further ahead, causing a long tailback. So if you can avoid that then you’ll save yourself over 10 minutes of frustration (because it feels more like 20).

Thanks for the replies guys. We’re planning on getting there around 5 and eating in the O2, so I think it’s reasonable to park in Car Park 2 as we’re going to a restaurant. I will check out Modern Wharf if there’s any argument over Car Park 2 🙂

Fantastic info. here. Thanks. We registered for a Dash Park account. Entered the North Greenwich Station car park at 5:30pm. Went to see Muse at the O2 last night and left the car park a bit after 11pm. Around 4am we had an e-mail to confirm that £11.10 had been deducted from our registered account (the 10p was for the notification but is optional). As long as the car park is entered before 7pm and exited before 02:59am the £11 flat fee applies. Much cheaper than neighbouring car parks. No problem getting a space (commuters leaving around that time). No queuing at parking machines to get a ticket (which were more expensive anyway). Brilliant! About a 10 minute walk to the O2 entrance – much the same as the other much more expensive car parks nearby.

Exiting the car park itself was quick enough but the road outside was nose to tail so took a while to do the first mile.

Thanks Chris for the tip.

Thought I’d update following my visit. Actually managed to do everything wrong and ended up paying £25! Drove from Portsmouth, left a little late and there happened to be major traffic (as in on the traffic news level) on the A3 and on the M25 anti-clockwise, so journey too over an hour longer than expected.

In the end arrived at 19:15 (rather than the intended 17:30) and eager just to get parked and inside headed to Car Park 2 (which was in the back of my mind as the right place to head). 15 minutes earlier and this would have been fine 🙂 Plenty of parking at this time, and we stopped for dinner in Five Guys post-show, so there was no traffic when leaving.

To be fair, I was going to head to the non-event parking under the premise that we were going to eat in a restaurant (which was true had we got there on time). I think the fleecing of event-goers for parking, when tickets are already incredibly highly priced (even for standing and for seats in the nosebleeds), is pretty out of order. It was even more disappointing to have to queue for 30 minutes to get through security and to have the sandwiches in our bag confiscated! Luckily the show was incredible, but I’m not sure it made up for the oppressive experience that is visiting the O2 Arena.

Lessons learned:
1. If driving, leave much earlier!
2. Look at car park map (top of page) before setting off, I now have a mental map of where Car Park 2 and 3 are, and would be able to properly navigate there next time.
3. Station, Car Park 2 and 3 are the best option – go past the event parking, turn right and they’re all along that road. Should cost £11 in most instances (arrive before 7pm for station).
4. If asked what you’re doing, say “going to a restaurant”.
5. All these car parks are close to the entrance, only a little further away than the train station.
6. It actually takes longer to walk all the way round to entrances F, G and H than it does to get from the car park to the dome.
7. Allow 30 minutes to get through security.
8. You can’t take anything in. Even though you’ve paid £60 each for tickets, and £25 for parking, and spent £25 for food in a fast-food restaurant, make sure you’ve got some dosh left over for in-arena drinks and snacks.

I am now confident of parking at The O2, but I’m not sure I’ll be putting that knowledge into practice any time soon 😉

Forgot to say that the parking in the station is ANPR-based, so you don’t get a ticket, you search for your number plate on the payment machine. There was a sign up with a list of all the different ways you could pay (machine, website, text, phone, about 8 different ways that I can’t remember all of!) I failed to take a photo of the sign, but if someone else could, I’m sure it would be an excellent resource for people visiting this blog post. :-).

Does anyone know the likelihood of being able to find a space to park in the north greenwich station car park on Sunday around 6??

Hey, great post! Just wondering if there’s anyone that’s tried the Modern Wharf car park? saw some people mention it but no one’s got back on it yet? I’m going to see Macklemore & Ryan Lewis on the 27th and will be getting there pretty early, I’m thinking that the station car park might be best? I can’t believe that they want to charge so much for the main event parking!!

I’m going to see the Tennis in November and have booked for both the 12oclock and 6pm sessions. Do
I have to pay twice for the parking as I notice that reserving your space is for each session?

Thank you .. went to ELO last night .. arrived early (rode on cable car and had drinks and meal before event) .. easily found space in station car park and paid on arrival .. so £11 paid .. appreciate the advice found here

Rachel – I too am going to see ELO tonight 26th. I considered the Cable car, but then how to get back to the other side of Thames, after the gig? The cable car services ends at 10pm!
Therefore parking in car park 2 for £9, seems the best option.

I arrived yesterday at about 2:30pm, went straight into the Tube station car park and found a space within minutes (it was pretty busy though!) Easily paid at the machine via my card for the whole day which was £11 and that was it. Seems so much simpler than going through o2’s car parks. Eventually left the car park at about midnight and there was no queue to get out. If you can’t lie and get into car park 2, definitely try the station car park!

Went to the Molton BBL Playoff Finals (Basketball) yesterday. Thanks to this site we parked in the station car park. Plenty of places about 2 pm and plenty when leaving about 6. No queue to pay. No queue to get out, but about 15 minutes to get into the tunnel. Many thanks, £6 felt very reasonable.

Does anyone know if u can get 24hour Parking at this car park? We are staying in London but will work out cheaper to park here and jump on the tube if u can. It will be Saturday lunchtime till Sunday afternoon so I was presuming I’d pay the £11 for sat and £6 for Sunday if I do it via the website rather than machine

Thank you so much for this information. Blogs like this are so useful. We parked for £11.00 in the station had an amazing time watching Coldplay and an easy journey home.

I am volunteering at a Breast Cancer night walk and therefore need to be in London overnight. When doing anything in London I usually drive up to Greenwich from Kent park in the station car park and proceed on the tube to wherever I am going.
Is it possible to park in the station car park overnight and how much does it cost?

Going to see Lionel Richie on Saturday 2nd July, anyone know how full/busy the North Greenwich Station car park gets
Are there any height restrictions as I have a van


Hi everyone.
This thread looks really helpful. Tomorrow, I am going to see Lionel Richie and I’m taking my 8month old daughter (long story). Because I’m taking her, I’m not that bothered about seeing the support act.
Does anyone think that I would still be okay for parking (cost doesn’t matter), I just need to know that I’ll defo find a space SOMEWHERE.
What is recommended?
And what’s the name of the app you can download to pay for parking?
Thanks so much

Went to see Lionel Ritchie yesterday. Apart from the extortionate rate for parking £31. (Wished I had read this page before I went) getting out of the car park was horrendous. Although we parked as near to the exit as possible there were 4 rows of traffic trying to merge into the one exit. There are always plenty of staff when you arrive but only 1 when we left, they need to address this and have more staff to monitor cars at the exit.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for this post. I drove from Cambridge to the O2 to see Lionel Richie on the 6th of July, so I wasn’t keen on spending £31 on parking. I went straight for car park 2 and as I approached the gate, I simply asked the guy at the gate how to get to the restaurants and he let me in. I ended up paying £10 for the day; I arrived about 6.30pm and we left about 11pm. A little warning – the SAT NAV coordinates I had for the O2 parking were incorrect. Good thing I used my eyes and followed signs instead. Be careful you use the right one. Thanks again for this post!

Had the most unpleasant experience this evening – temporarily lost my ticket in the forest called my handbag spoke to a woman in parking was very unsympathetic when I honestly admitted I had gone to Hillsong who refused to take my details because I had insufficient funds totalling £31 (yes!!) altho I said I will be at the Conference Thu and Fri. Felt like a common criminal. Apparently bcause other venues charged upwards of £40…

Please suggest where shall I park the cheapest tomorrow 13-Aug Saturday. Need to be at a restaurant at O2 for 1pm and shop from 10am before that at Canary Wharf.

If driving from north of the river, I gave up on driving all the way to the O2 years ago, mainly as a result of the hideous traffic from the Blackwall Tunnel approach, and the queues to leave at the end of the night. We skip off and park on street (free after 18:00 Mon-Sat, unrestricted Sun) close to Stratford station and then tube it in – nice and quick! If you want to go earlier Mon-Sat, or don’t want to hunt for street parking (it’s never been an issue for us), then park in Westfield for £6.50 weekdays or a less bargain £9.50 weekends. I do hear that they’ll be introducing event day parking restrictions for events at the stadium, mind 🙁

I certainly don’t miss the queues to leave the O2!

We went to see Nickelback supported by Monster Truck at the O2 last night and followed the instructions and recommendations above for the North Greenwich Station car park. Everything worked like a dream with spaces when we got there around 18:00 and only a moderate 15min queue to leave at the end of the night. As we had arrived before 19:00, the charge was £11 no matter what time we left that night so there was no pressure to rush and leave the arena.

A couple of tips: I had a good browse around Google Streetview using the link provided in Chris’s original post above and that helped no end ensuring we drove immediately into the right car park. Secondly, both the Dash Park website and app were completely hopeless and we gave up using those and paid at the machine instead – using the machine before you leave at the end of the night, you simply type in your car reg and then pay by either card (contactless worked for us, so really quick) or cash. The machine prints out a receipt confirming you have paid and off you go. Finally, there are no barriers or height restrictions at all either entering or leaving the car park so no problem if you’re driving your T5 Transporter to the O2 😉

Thanks to all that have contributed to this blog, it really helped make our night!

Hi Folks, this is super useful… but I can’t find an answer to my particular query… Can anyone help?

We are hoping to travel up to London from Kent on a *weekday* arriving nice and early at the car park – let’s say 6:30am – to then park and get public transport into central London.

However it seems the North Greenwich Station Car Park is not an option because this is *season ticket holders only* until 11am… so could anyone suggest another option?

Basically we would like to arrive in London around 6-7am on a weekday and then spend 12 hours in the city, heading home in the early evening? Is there a good tip for how to do this?

I suggest that you drive to Stratford westfield and park in there or around the pontoon dock area which is residential with free parking but you might get confused. Westfield is easiest option. £6:50 for whole day I do believe.

I visited the 02 last night and went straight to car park 2. Arrived a little later than planned at 8pm and left just before midnight. I thought I was going to have to pay at least £30 but it only cost me £8. I would never have known this if I didnt come here first!!

I went to the Little Steven show at Indigo last night, which was a late show with 9pm doors opening, 11pm on stage time. I parked in the Millennium Leisure centre car park outside B&Q and the Odeon Imax at about 10pm, and I was planning to take the walk up to the O2, but a 486 bus came along as I was walking past the bus stop so I got on it…..the journey to North Greenwich station bus terminus took 5 minutes.
The show finished at 1.20am, so I wasn’t sure whether there would still be buses running, so I was expecting to walk back, but as before, a 108 bus came along straight away, so 5 minutes later I was back at the car park.
Quite a few people got off here and walked to cars, so it seems as though this is quite a popular option for those not wanting to fork out extortionate parking charges…..and bear in mind this was at 1.30am!!!. I would imagine the numbers after a show at a more usual time would be bigger.
An easy and excellent option to consider if you are going to the O2.

Hi there,
Went to 02 on Friday 28th October to see Mary J Blige and Maxwell.
Must admit I was stressed thinking about where to park and the cost.
Anyway after reading this forum, I parked at North Greenwich Station.
Got there before 7pm so parking only cost £11 up until 04-30hrs.
Car park is next to 02 and plenty of spaces

We used everyone’s advice and parked in the station carpark today after setting up an online account. I logged into the account website before leaving home and it stayed logged in so took seconds to pay on arrival. Just a few spaces free. The email/sms receipt confirms the £11 pays until 3am next morning. So grateful for all the advice everyone!!!!

Hi, I’m going to Disney on ice in December and want to pre book the parking for piece of mind. I’m happy to pay. My question is we’ll be arriving about 8.30am for the 9.30am show and I was thinking of leaving the car there all day (til about 5pm) so I can take my daughter on the clipper into central London. Can I leave the car at o2 for this long using pre booked event parking (£21 in advance)? Thanks

Ok so i visited the O2 for the first time last night to watch the fantastic Jess Glynn, i stumbled across this page when i was looking for parking options before i left. There is loads of parking at the O2 – had i realised this before i used an EVENT only car park i probably would have used one of the other car parks available. Also on the night I (like a good girl) paid my 31 pounds parking charge only to have the barrier lifted manually by O2 staff who didnt even look at my ticket so in hindsight i could of just drove out. I will bear this in mind in future that IF there is staff around the Exits it is obvious that the barriers are going to be lifted manually – take the chance you cant get in trouble for trying your luck

recent visit: parked at NCP N.Greenwich Station. Parking charge £11 prior to 7pm, £25 after, assume latter if depart by 7.30pm for example? A sign at entrance gives instructions for online payment which we carefully followed (entering car reg, credit card detail etc after receiving emails confirming userID & p/w). 2 weeks later received a FINE of £60 for payment within 14 days of notice, or £100 within 28 days.

Parked at Westfield in Stratford. £9.60 & took the Jubilee line for 3 stops to North Greenwich. Would do the same again, as it avoids the heavy traffic at the Blackwall tunnel. Also most people will be going the other direction on the Jubilee line. There are also loads of food options at Westfield.

Visited the O2 this morning and having read lots on line decided to try car park 2. I would have used station however until 11am only season ticket holders can use it and our show started at 10:30. I knew the Harvester inside the O2 was open from 9 for breakfast so when the chap on barrier at car park 2 asked where I was going I said meeting friends for breakfast. He immediately asked how long will you be? I said a couple of hours he said it does not take that long to eat!! Despite saying we had never been before and I wanted to wander around with my daughter he said ” I don’t believe you I think you are going to the show”. He gave me a £31 ticket and said I would not be charged if I drove straight out again which of course I did.
I then tried car park 3 and got the same response! They have obviously cottoned on to people trying to park cheaper.
So I drove to the Millennium Leisure Park where B&Q and cinema are on Bugsby way this took all of 2 minutes. Parked right by Prezzo and immediately got on bus back to the O2. Took 5 mins and you get off at tube station right next to O2 so we ended up walking less distance than if we had used O2 car park and only cost £1-50 as parking free at leisure park and kids don’t pay on bus!!
Be warned car park wardens may cross examine you if it is an event day.

So glad I found this going to the o2 next Sunday. .15th Jan the see Impractical Jokers and was looking to see how much parking would be. I will definitely email trying to get in the station car park will be getting there b4 6…traffic permitting. So thanks everyone ?

Hi we are going to see the star wars identities exibition at the O2 with kids . We’re travelling from nottingham. How big is car park 2 .Does it fill up quickly for these sort of things ? Thanks ?

Went to see Impractical Jokers last night & so pleased I read all this info the night before! We parked at the station & like everyone’s said it cost £11.00. We got there about 5.30pm (Saturday) & there were loads of spaces so had no trouble parking. Paid at the kiosk & just waited about 10 minutes. Thank you everyone!

Hi sarah I am due to go to the 02 on Tuesday, do you happen to know if it’s the same pricing on a week day? Thanks

So I went to see Impractical Jokers last night…set up a Dash account…set it to auto for North Greenwich Station car park..added card details and car details, but nothing is showing up on my account…should I still have texted..I assumed it would automatically debit my card..worried now I’m going to get a fine through…help lol.

Hi, this is such a useful page, more helpful than the O2 website!! We are going to the O2 on Wednesday night to watch my son performing in young voices, have just gone to pre book our tickets for car park and is saying fully booked, apparently there are spaces on the day but at a cost of £33!! We will be arriving around 4.30pm-5pm then having a meal there then onto the concert which starts at 7pm and finishes at 9.15pm. I know a lot of comments are saying go into car park 2 and say you are going for a meal but I wanted to know do they check if you are going to an event after?? We wouldn’t be lying about the meal but we will be attending the event afterwards?? Cheers.

Hi, Donna. We have just been O2 for the Young Voice! It’s brilliant! You will love it and you will be sooooo proud of your son. So don’t worry about the parking, just relax and enjoy the night!!!! Here is what we did…. We arrived at the North Greenwich underground station car park around 5pm, it looked quite packed but there were some spaces and there were cars leaving too, so it was easy to find a space. Then we went to the paying station, queued for 5min, and typed in our car’s registration number and paid 11pounds. That’s it! (We left around 10pm)
Donna, have a great time!!!!

So pleased I came across this page! Very helpful! My friend and I are going to The O2 tomorrow as our daughters are taking part in the young voices concert. We too are planning to get there about 5pm and go for a meal before hand and were horrified to find the pre-bookable spaces were gone and the prospect of £33 to park! So, we’ll get there and hope for the best with parking in one of the other car parks mentioned!

Would be really interested to hear how people got on going to the Young Voices concert. Where did you park and how long did it take to get out afterwards? Wondering if I should park at Stratford Westfield or at the NCP North Greenwich Station carpark? Any advice gratefully received. Thanks!

This thread has been invaluable! I’m going to the Young Voices concert aswell this evening, but I’m going to park in the Greenwich Penninsular for 5hrs free parking and catch a bus up to the O2… should be in and out in time I reckon… thanks for all the advice!

im going to young voices to on friday do you think there will be spaces around 5pm in the North Greenwich underground station car park my partner thinks it will be packed


In follow up to my previous comment…we went to the O2 last night for The Young Voices and as planned we went for the NCP Station car park option…Arrived about 6pm in the end due to traffic on M25, car park was very busy but we found a space almost immediately, paid our £11 at the ticket machines and off we trotted! Very straightforward! And leaving was a doddle too. Also, friends of ours parked up at the Millenium leisure park (free) and walked it in 15 minutes. They said they found this very straightforward too!
Thanks so much to this fab page! If I hadn’t found this we probably would have ended up parking at the O2 for £33 and been none the wiser!

Thank you for advice. I attended young voices last night, would of had to pay £33 if it wasn’t for this page! We parked in the North Greenwich station car park, cost £11, it was quite busy but we found a space with no trouble. We parked around 5 ish and left at 9.30pm, on way out there was a very short queue of cars and took max 5 minutes to exit the car park!

Went to O2 yesterday to the Star Wars exhibition. Parking tips were spot on thanks! Parked in the half full station car park for theSunday flat rate of £6.

Found this forum when pre book (£26) O2 parking was sold out. Arrived at 6.30pm for Green Day gig last night and parked at North Greenwich Station (plenty of spaces and seemed closer than Car Park 1) paid £11 and off we went (if you arrive after 7pm it costs £25). No queue at all to exit right after the gig.

Car Park 1 were taking cars at £33 on the night!!!

Went to the Strictly tour last night, the North Greenwich Station car park trick worked brilliantly! Thanks.
Car park a very short walk from the O2 arena.

Just been to the O2 (saturday), used car park 2, arrived before 7pm, left around 10pm, insert the parking ticket into machine £33! They must have changed the system… Bit gutted after having done the research through here..

Would like to know if anyone else had issues with car park 2 recently on event nights?

It seems to me from the comments above that in Car Park 2 you need to tell an attendant you’re not there for an event or you don’t get a non-event rate – see this comment above as an illustration.

Went to see Rod Stewart on Sunday 26th Feb. Booked a table for dinner and had the intention of going to car park 2 from reading these comments. Arrived at 5.30 and there was an attendant at car park 2. We asked where to park for food and we were directed to car park 3. Was a bit worried pulling in as sign just said non-prebooked event parking £33. However, there was a steward who asked what we were there for and we obviously said dinner and was handed a ticket. the car park was only a 2 min walk to the entrance. When we left we were charged £11.00.

Following on from my post on Saturday, I want to clarify that when I was entering car park 2 a parking attendant was there and when he asked the intension of my visit I said cinema and he pressed the button and handed me a ticket.

I have no idea why I was charged £33 on return based on previous comments.

It was definitely car park 2 the one after the station car park on the left. I also arrived before 7pm.

So it seems to me that cp2 is hit and miss whereas station car park is more reliable.

One thing to note, when I arrived it was a bit dark and the only reason I didn’t use the station car park is because the entrance of station car park has reflective chevrons, which made me think it was blocked as it was full, only to find out on closer inspection on the way out it has more of a curved entrance compared to others.


Great blog and thank you so much for the advice, I parked at the O2 yesterday for the Drake concert, used the North Greenwich Station Car park (£11), which was brilliant value for money as I got to the venue at 2pm. I did register before as advised and then just logged my registration in to the system when I got there. No problems, found a space right at the front and after the show (around 12am) left without any problems, small 5 minute wait. When leaving the car just turn right straight away to avoid the traffic and then at the traffic lights bear left and then you’re back on the main road.

Thanks again

My husband and daughter are going to see Bruno Mars on Saturday and he wants me to pay for a pre-booked parking ticket (if i was going i would do the £11 ticket and pay after). I noticed Indigo event bookings are £16 opposed to £26 o2 event, which are both car park 1 and wondered if anyone has paid for an Indigo event but actually went to an 02 event as cant work out why its £10 different in price and whether to risk it. Please let me know your thoughts.

We went to see Bruno Mars last night at the O2 (he was fantastic). Followed tips on this forum on where to park. Arrived at 6.30 pm, parked straight away in North Greenwich Station Car Par as advised. Great advice, so easy in every way. So worth doing. Only £11. Thanks for advice made for a really memorable night out.

One tip: pre-book Sky Bar Lounge before you go, as it makes the evening that more special, speedy pass into a lovely bar, miss the Qs?

We’re spectators at the London Marathon this Sunday and wondered what the parking would be like at the O2 and then getting the tube
Would be helpful to know if it is a popular car park on Sundays?

I have booked a space at the North Greenwich car park for Tuesday 2nd. I was planning on getting there for 11am when the car park opens, and then spend the day in the city centre until the concert. Am I going to have problems getting a space at 11am?

We missed out on the pre booked parking but took a chance and drove down anyway for Ed Sheeran on 1st May. Having read the comments I was determined to park in the cheaper NCP car park. We got there around 2ish, and there was plenty of spaces, right near the exits. Parked up, went to the machine and paid £11 with no problem.
The only negative came when it was time to leave. We took 45-60 minutes to get out of the NCP carpark, as it appears the O2 car parks have priority when leaving, so everything else is gridlocked. My advice would be to stick with the NCP car park, but grab a drink before leaving and let the traffic clear, otherwise pay the extortionate O2 price and leave sooner!!!


Just found this blog after pre-booking event parking 🙁 It says event parking from 10am on the day but I want to be there earlier, does anyone know if this is possible?

hi does anyone know if the disabled bays are free, in any car parks or they payable too, also which car park is the closet to the dome,so we dont have to walk much? thanks

Has anyone ever parked by Excel and taken the Emirates cable car over the river to O2 for a concert? Booked it all last night as I was getting a bit twitchy, but now thinking I’ve over complicated the whole thing!!

Agree with all that said this is great resource so thank you.
I’ve never been to O2 so when i go tomorrow for event i want to eat and have a look round so aim to get there afternoon. Certainly no later than 5pm. Would like to try north Greenwich station car park. Only problem is that I’m trying to set up the account to pay but the website and app are awful. I believe I’ve set ac up ok as i have a username etc but cant see how to actually do the parking bit. the websites keep changing who seems to be responsible ie. Firstly its NCP, then Park and Go then, then Park and Tube and then I tried the app too it was really terrible and just deleted it.

The website/s and app when you finally get to a page to choose parking it only let’s you choose whole days at +£20 not the £11.

I have Enabled Auto Pay for North Greenwich but not sure if that was a good idea.

Does any of this sound familiar or is it just me?! I just don’t want to have to try and pay when leaving after the event.

If the station is busy I will prob go to cp1 and pay £33 as if questioned my face will not be able to hide the fact I’m going to see take that in the evening 🙂

Am i being very dim with the technology or do you think it’s another attempt to confuse event goers!
Thank you!

I missed out on pre booked car spaces for Take That on Sunday, what’s the best time to get to the other car parks to ensure a space? Taking my 14 year old and really don’t want to end up driving round and round for hours looking for somewhere else to park the car!

Going to the O2 this Sunday and need advice where to park as on the O2 website says the car parks are full. Looking at the comments the best place is North Greenwich station. Do you have to set up an account or can you just pay at a metre?

I still wasn’t sure about going into to station as wasn’t sure if I’d be stuck in there for ages after the event. After all my hassles with the Dash parking sign-up (which I have now deleted) – they have still charged me £1.00 for goodness knows why. I wouldn’t personally recommend trying to sign up – just look to pay when in the station carpark I think. I ended up paying £33 in carpark 1 but I did get out without queuing at all – I parked right over by the exit to the road.

Went to gig on Sunday, tried to pre book but full, we decided to take chance and drive from Surrey though, and behold there were spaces available next to the pre booked park, so we went in there and got charged £33 for the privilege, complete rip off, especially when the web site won’t let you pre book, also took 45 minutes to exit…

£33. You must be joking. I have been to loads of events at the O2 and never Pre-Booked. If you get there around 5-5:30pm and going to an event or a gig go to car park 2 or 3, these are NON Event Car Parks. 6-9 hours is £12. The car park attendants cannot prove you are going to a gig. Tell them you are going for a meal and then the cinema. #dontgetrippedoffatthe02

Going to a gig at Indigo this Friday. Having looked at the website it appears to be £16 but am I right in thinking I can park at the station car park for £11? Do I pre-book/pre-pay? Do I also have the option to pay an hourly rate on the night? This too appears cheaper, if I’ve read everything correctly?! Thanks for any advice you can offer 🙂

Got to O2 at 5.30. All prices for all car parks – that’s 1,2,3,4,5 & station – were £33. Total rip-off.

(Can anyone confirm this? – Chris)

Going to O2 main event this weekend & because the missus doesn’t want to walk from B&Q (lazy mare!) I decided to pre-book car park 1.
The cost for main event is £26 or for the Indigo rooms £16, it’s the same car park & both have reserved space from 10am on the day until 9.59am the following day.
I’m guessing there will be nobody checking what event you go into so I’ve booked the Indigo parking to save a tenner.
I’ll post back next week & let you know how it went!

We drove to the O2 yesterday (Thursday, October 19th) for the Neil Diamond concert. We arrived just before 5.30pm, drove straight into the station car park, found a space quickly, parked, walked up to the pay machine and paid £11.00 by debit card – easy ! Neil was fabulous, when we came to leave, we got back to the car around 10.40pm, drove straight out of the car park with no waiting, queues or anything, no problems whatsoever!

We also parked in this car park when we came for Ed Sheeran back in June, same price, that time though we had a wait of around 40 minutes to get out of the car park when we came to leave. I only knew about this cheaper option of parking in the station car park through reading this blog back in January, when I was researching into parking at the O2 for 2 of my children and their friends who were going to see Greenday here in early February. They also parked in this car park for £11.00 with no problems, they paid using the Dash App, which is what we did when we saw Ed Sheeran, though from what I saw yesterday the app has now changed to Park and Tube. So thanks for the info Chris and to everyone who has contributed to this, it really has been helpful.

In summary, park in the station car park for £11.00, but make sure you that you arrive and pay on arrival before 7pm, as from that time it changes to the evening tariff of £25.00. We have successfully done this three times this year and can completely recommend it.

We were at the 02 on Sunday for Metallica – there were signs saying £33 at car parks 2 and 3 (4 was closed), but this doesn’t appear to kick-in until 5pm – we arrived at 4pm, parked in 2, and were charged £12 after the gig **ahem** sorry, after the movie finished.

Further to my previous post, all was ok with the £16 parking for the Indigo. Still expensive and will try the station car park next time like previous posts have mentioned.

thanks so much for all the advice on this page. I am going to the 02 this Friday evening and now plan to park in the Station car park. I will be parking by 5pm. What a total rip off the 02 is for parking. I need to drive and park as a blue badge holder, and cannot get the train from where I live, due to it not being accessible. 02 makes very little concession for me and other disabled people driving, in their pre book car park 1. I am meeting friends who are travelling by train from work, so cannot share cost of more expensive pre book. It is a total rip off. Will think twice about attending other gigs for this reason. Thanks again, most helpful.

Really useful information from Chris and the commenters.

I went to O2 yesterday around 5:30 PM (Nov 12th, Sunday) for ATP Tour Finals. Ignored the signs for “Event Parking” and “ATP Tour Finals Parking” and headed to the North Greenwich Station Car Park. Entered the car park with no queues whatsoever, loads of parking spaces, found one near the entrance and parked. Armed with advice from this blog, I paid right away, just £6 for parking until 3:59 AM the next day. Massive savings compared to the event day parking.

As we left before the match ended, couldn’t find out if this was quicker to exit than the event car park. Thanks to all the contributors here.

Great info. Went to see Little Mix last night (26th Nov) pre-parking said full on the o2 website. Parked in car park 2, lots of spaces at 4:30pm, and paid £6.20 using the app. Drove straight out of the car park, however we had left before the encore as we had children and it was very late!

Great advice! Killers Concert 27th – paid £11.00 for Station car park – REMEMBER to pay straight away though! I didn’t use the parking app as I heard it can be unreliable (any comments?).

Paid by credit card, only thing is (usual money making scams) machine does not issue receipts, so best have your phone ready to photograph payment screen when payment is taken – be aware you only get a 10 second window to photograph payment screen before it resets.

Also I informed lots of other people who parked and who had started to walk straight to O2, to pay straight away – LOADS OF PEOPLE THOUGHT IT WAS PAY AS YOU LEAVE – in which case they’ll be charged night rate (£25?).

The parking notice is deliberately misleading – what a surprise. Also massive sign on way in saying “Killers Concert” and directing drivers to car park 1 – you have to be aware to drive past the turning for car park 1, it’s not that obvious. So glad I found this blog, thank you.

Station car park – for a quick exit, you can actually “turn right” on exit from station car park, you don’t have to join the huge Q’s going to your left (not very obvious at night time!). Go straight across the two lanes of queuing traffic through the gap in the “dual carriageway” divider and turn right to take you back to the same way you came in.

Confident drivers can also do following for quicker Northbound Blackwall tunnel exit: stay on the right hand side of “dual carriageway” as you follow roads out of O2 complex until you have gone past all other Exits of car parks (1, 2 & 3) on your left, then change to left hand lane, follow roundabout on outside (3 exits – perfectly legal as both lanes are marked for “way out”); stay in the left lane until you get to right side turning for Blackwall tunnel northbound and move across to one of the TWO lanes to take you up slip-road – again not obvious – (unless you do a lot of driving). You need to be a confident driver to do this, as it can scare the pants off anyone who hasn’t driven in London before… ha!

Once on the Blackwall tunnel approach, get in outside lane – as inside lane will be full of night buses and delivery lorries (even at midnight!) – set cruise control to 30mph, as tunnel is now 30 – average speed cams (drops suddenly from a 50 and it is badly signposted); ignore 20mph round signs on opposite carriageway – that is only in force if contraflow is in operation – again not obvious and very misleading.. Too many signs! Wishing happy London driving to all you out-of-towners… (LOL)

UPDATE: The Dashpark system has been replaced.

The Park & Tube service worked perfectly for us in the North Greenwich station car park last month. Create a payment account beforehand at, drive in, pay on the app when you arrive, drive out, no tickets or anything. Later you get a text and/or email with details, like this, and your account is debited.

Here are the current rates. They appear to apply at the time you pay, so as mentioned above, if you pay when you leave, and that’s after 7pm, it’s £25. As our gig was on a Sunday and we paid when we arrived at 5pm, the cost was just £6.20 (not sure where the extra 20p came from). There was no problem finding a space then. As others have pointed out, remember to drive past the turning to Car Park 1, and carry on down to the next turning on the right. The North Greenwich station car park is then first on the left. Exit was pretty quick too.

I visited the O2 end of November to see THE KILLERS in concert..
Had read up about which car park to use /not to use..
Decided to try the north Greenwich tube station car park..
Arrived abt half 5..found space within seconds ..
Left after 11 ..
Cost just £11 ..
You be silly not to try this car park a try.

Thank you for the tips on this page including the comments. We went last night and there was no problem at 6:30pm finding a place in the station car park.

We used the website to pay, didn’t need to register, and got the pre 7pm rate of £11.20. Used the tip in the comments to turn right coming out of the car park then left and I think we avoided a long queue by doing so.

Home less than an hour of the gig finishing and I think most of that was walking around the O2 arena to get to the exit.

Hi I’m planning on parking at the o2 on Thursday, I’m not going to an event I just want to park and go into London. Can I park in the car park 2 and not actually use the o2? (I’ll be all day).

Ideally I’d park in the station car park but I’m arriving at 10.30am and I don’t think I’d get parked? Also if I happen to find a space in the station (North Greenwich) can I pay cash or card when I arrive in a machine? Or do I have to have an account. Thank you.

I just want to say thank you for saving me £20. I went to the O2 at the end of Dec for an exhibition. I arrived at 10.45am on a Saturday and parked at Greenwich Station. The car park was half full. By the time I came out at 3pm the car park was full.
I signed up to Dash before I drove down as suggested which saved me time when I arrived.
I did take a photo of the parking tariffs but I don’t think I am able to post it so:
The station’s NCP location is 2222.
Monday to Friday 4.30am-19.00pm / £11 cashless or £11.90 cash
Saturday and Bank Holidays 4.30am-19.00pm / £11 cashless or £11.60 cash (though I was charged £11.10)
Sunday 4.30am-19.00pm / £6 cashless or £6.80 cash
Evening Rate (EVERYDAY) 19.00pm-04.29pm £25
It only took 7-10mins to walk to the 02.
I also used the tip of turning right when coming out of the car park. Thank you everyone, really appreciated!! 🙂

Went to NBA Basketball at the 02 last night [and was stung for £34 last year to see Steely Dan]. So I followed the helpful suggestion listed here about ignoring the first turning as you approach the 02 which says NBA event parking Car Park 1, and going to the second turning which says Car Park 2. As you turn into this road after 200 metre there it is …. £11 worth of parking at North Greenwich train station car park. £25 after 7pm but all the canny people were there at 6.30/7. The ticket machine states ‘£11 up to 7pm’ so many people huddled round the machine were thinking that’s what it meant but bizarrely, once you have entered your registration, it confirms you are covered until 4.27 am the following morning. Felt good throwing £45 across the Wagamama’s table for a plate of rice [ actually a lot better than that] knowing I had just beaten the system. Thanks for the tip. Also, coming out you can turn right, away from the massive traffic queue [ when someone lets you across] and go out the same way. Just the £300 tickets to justify now.

If anybody is able to confirm exactly how the Autopay works at North Greenwich station car park I’d be really grateful. I’ve registered for an account and selected the Autopay function. What do I have to do when I get there? I assumed at first that I would have to do nothing else – the car is registered so it will be picked up on ANPR that I’m there and at what time, and then my card will be debited. Is it as easy as that or do I still have to do something at the machine/on the app when get there? Thanks in advance!

Does car park 2 get really full on a weekday Morning? Looking at parking on a Friday around 10am in car park 2 to get the tube elsewhere – thanks

Do not confuse car park 2 with the station car park for events at O2. The station car park is a completely separate car park (to O2 car park 2) with its own entrance and exit. I guess the station car park will be full by 10am on a weekday. Don’t know costs for O2 car park during day. Guess it will still be £30.

Suggest this – if North Greenwich station car park is full, drive under river north to Westfield shopping centre at Stratford! Loads of rail links, and parking is £7.00 for 24 hours.

I am looking to park at North Greenwich next month and will be there from the morning until the evening (after a concert). Have parked there before with no problems but the wording on the website – £25 after 7pm – made me worry slightly at this time. Is it the flat £11 and then £25 added if you are in the car park after 7pm? Or is it just if you arrive after 7pm? I was able to pre-pay for a space last time which was much easier!

Hi Chloe, it’s only if you arrive and pay after 7pm that the parking charge is £25.00. Provided that you park and pay before 7pm it is only the flat rate charge of £11.00 for parking in the station car park. Hope this helps to put your mind at rest and that you enjoy your concert next month.

Parking at 02 is now far far busier at the events programme ramps up – last 3 trips = 1 x Station, 1 x £30 (or whatever it is) in the events bit and then parking 10 min walk and bus ride away due to traffic.

(There are some errors in this comment – please see the comment afterwards – Ed)

Hi. I followed the advice on this website for a trip to the O2 on Feb 21 2018 to see the Brits. This is a very useful website and saved me lots of money. Two watch points – firstly – print the map that you see above and take it with you! Signposting of all the different car parks isn’t that great and I ended up in the Station car park first (I think it was signed as Car Park 2A which really threw me). Anyway i spent about 5-10 minutes driving round but eventually got a space as someone left. I then went to the machine to pay and realised I was in the wrong car park (you can only park here until 7pm or was it 9pm?) sorry I don’t remember cos I there realised that you can only be in this car park for 15minutes before you get automatically charged (automatic number plate readers). i quickly scarpered as I knew I’d be there for quite a while; I should have taken a photo for you but sorry I was rushing by now ;o)
Second, the correct car to use Car Park two was ‘right’ next door, only a wire fence away with walk ways between the two but you have to come back onto the road to get in. It said it was full but I went in because I saw someone parking who’d i’d just seen in Car Park 2A. We were lucky and grabbed a space, some else got one behind us and then it was full again. You could not pay up front. You pay when you leave as you pay based on how long you are there in 2-3 hr blocks upto 24hrs (again I should have taken a photo to relay this back to you) but I was so in two minds now about whether I was in the right place I wasn’t thinking calmly. We parked, wondered off (thinking if it’s a gamble it’s a gamble but we’re here now) and came back around 10pm, paid our £13 and were dog happy that it has all worked out fine for us – but believe me, I felt well confused at the time (I should have taken notes from here not just skim read it once!). Best of luck with your trips and hope you are lucky like we were

Reply to Kieron’s comment above. Think Kieron parked in wrong car park and was just lucky !

VERY, VERY important that WE do NOT refer to station car park as Car park 2 or car park 2A.
This is very misleading to drivers who follow signage.
The Station Car Park is called North Greenwich Station Car park – IT DOES NOT HAVE A CAR PARK NUMBER.

So the car park you referred to as closing at 7pm IS THE STATION CAR PARK, but it does not close at 7pm, it just goes to a different rate AFTER 7PM. – you can park there all night if you want to ! – you actually went into the wrong car park (car park two)………

The reason you paid £13 in CAR PARK 2 was because you left at 10pm and they probably thought you went to food places or cinema (which is cheaper rate) if you park in ANY NUMBERED car park on O2 site for a concert you will be charged full concert rates, usually £30.

just to clarify though. the STATION CAR PARK does go to £25 Concert rates AFTER 7pm
if you arrive and pay after 7pm that the parking charge is £25.00.
Provided that you park and pay before 7pm it is only the flat rate charge of £11.00 for parking in the station car park.

Here’s easy way to remember: 7-11 !
park at station before 7, pay only £11.

OK Chris, if you say so. Just goes to prove however that it is all rather confusing.
That said I really appreciated this website and it led me to take a chance and we had a great time.
Best wishes to you

(No problem; thanks for the contribution! – Chris)

Just come back from the C2C festival last week – mixed views on this.

Day 1 – I arrived late on Friday (I now live in the North West of England) to be greeted by a £34 charge per day. Yes Car Park 1 charges that. If pre booked, the cost is £25. Last time I was there (2011) IIRC it cost £12. Thankfully the O2 Angels were out so wasn’t charged. The moral of that is they aren’t always there but have your O2 phone with you.

Day 2 – I was staying in Thurrock and got a train and Tube. Return train cost around £11, was clean not overcrowded and the trains ran past midnight. The key here is to avoid Zone 1 and change at West Ham. Going into Zone 1 costs an extra £5. But very pleased with this.

Day 3 and I needed the car as I was travelling home. No O2 Angels, so I had to pay the full £34. Not that happy but given the previous 2 days, I shut up and paid. That said a hot dog and soda in the main arena cost £15.

So summing up:

1. If travelling for a single day use train and tube, avoiding Zone 1;
2. If staying for several days look at an hotel on site. Holiday Inn express looks reasonable, if booked in advance and should include free parking;
3. If staying elsewhere try to use public transport. If you have to use the car parks, book in advance.

I am taking my daughter to a concert on Thursday this week and while she is there i will be going to the cinema. We will be arriving before 7pm so I could take advantage of the £11 before 7pm at the station or I could park in carpark 2 or 3 and take advantage of 4 hours free as I will have a cinema ticket… my question though is which one will be quicker to get out of after the concert? Queued for 1 1/2 hours at Wembley once and don’t want that again! Thanks

Station car park has an exit onto dual carriageway, but is Opposite a gap in the central reservation, so you can turn right out of the station car park and avoid the massive traffic jam to get out (every other car park is funneled left on an inner ring-road in clockwise direction.)
I don’t think there is a gap in central reservation from Car Park 2, ???? so i guess you’d have to Q to get out, and you’d be right at the back of Q!
however check app for parking (see other posts) at station car park, think you can pay £6.50 for station car park if you pay in advance / via the app, and leave site before 11pm.
so: choice is
STATION Car Park at £11 ( or £6.50) and guaranteed quick getaway !!
or CAR PARK 2 ( 4 hrs free parking BUT ONLY with cinema ticket receipt) – Q up for unspecified hours of your life to get out !

Took my daughters to Harry Styles at o2 on 11/04/18. Thank goodness I found this website before I pre booked the extortionate price of pre book event night car park for £27. We arrived at 5.15pm thought I would try the Station Car Park first, plenty of spaces to choose from, went for one near the exit. Payed day parking for £11 which gave us parking until 4.30am! Huge saving which would then would go towards something else we needed during the evening. Didn’t rush back to the car so car park was busy on way out probably took around half a hour to get out as exit road was busy. Coming out of car park Turned right through gap in centre reservation, a nice person then let me into the flow of traffic, and we were off onto the main road! Stress free affordable parking…..happy days!

Great Blog thanks. So North Greenwich Station we parked @ 10.56 until 22.07 on a Sunday or there abouts. Grand total £6. We paid straight away and the pay screen gives you the time of entry and the time you need to exit by.

Hi all, travelling to the o2 arena on Tuesday evening for a event. The doors for the event open at 5.30 so will try and arrive for 5-5.15 what the changes of getting parked in the north Greenwich station car park at that time? And do u pay cash to park there?
I’m just a bit unsure because if I don’t pre book to park in the arena and then can’t get parked in the station what do I do? Don’t want to have to walk far

Excellent work on this site, thanks to all, especially Finchy with the expert traffic knowledge. Heading up for both Pearl Jam shows next month. Will park at North Greenwich, before 7pm and report back. Hoping to beat the queues at the end mainly

Went last night for Bryan Adams concert. Car park 2, told the lady at the ticket box here for movie. She pressed the button, told us to hold on to cinema ticket. Thought I got away with it but was presented with a bill for £34 at pay station. Nuts! Will try station car park next time. All a learning experience though!

I have been to the O2 many times – using a combination of the London Underground Car Park and the O2’s own car park (car park 2).

The London Underground car park is the best but it is hit and miss as to whether you will find a space – if you don’t then chances are you will probably have to use the O2’s own car park and pay the £30 day rate or drive further away from the arena.

Apologies if I have missed the answer to this but just to clarify in the station carpark it’s £11 if entry is before 7pm and paid upfront and that will allow me to leave at any time after then?

I am going to o2 today for gig, I haven’t prebooked parking. We are travelling from Bristol and the earliest we can arrive is 8pm, do you think we’ll get a space at the o2 car parks? Or not even bother? Thanks.

Saw Pearl Jam last night. Parked at north Greenwich car park at 6pm, space as soon as I entered the car park and plenty of others too. 11 quid to park til 4am as confirmed earlier in the thread. On leaving I was straight out, no queue.. hung a right across the traffic and through the tunnel and escaped the chaos within 5 mins of getting in the car. Perfect.

So I just went to see Justin Timberlake on the Monday gone. Followed the advice from this website, parked in Car Park 2. Which was pretty empty for a Monday evening event.
But as Justin wasn’t on until 9pm, I knew I had plenty of time, so arrived at 8.30pm at the Car Park.
When asked by the parking attendant, where you going – NEVER SAY YOU ARE HERE FOR THE EVENT AT THE O2, THEY WILL CHARGE YOU £34 TO PARK! As you have turned up and have not booked your parking basically. But the idea is you say that are attending the cinema.
Go in and purchased one cineworld ticket for any film that had the a late start time from the self-ticket machine, as it was only 4 hours free parking for cinema holders.
Went to see Justin, who was awesome I have to say. That finished at around 11.30pm by the time I got out. The only problem was the other cars wanting to get out, you have to get your ticket validated from the car park office, which is another 5-10min added on. Not to mention the traffic trying to get out of the car parks, so this just adds to the time taken. But if you leave at the last min until the end of the concert like I did, be prepared to wait for 30-1 hour to get out of the queue of cars, taxis & uber drivers (Which add to the madness!) .

All in all, it took me an 1.5 hours to get home, when usually from there it should only take 1 hour. And basically the same time on the tube.
But then I look at the cost – a bit of petrol and £13 parking. Which is not bad. So a big thank you to this website!

The advice is NOT to park in car park 2, or in any of the numbered car parks !! (if you can)
I repeat: DO NOT just turn up and park in any of the “numbered” car parks, cos you’ll be stung for £35, (yes, you can try to blag the “parking for film” excuse as you did last night, but I’ve heard they restrict that for big concerts)
The KEY BIT OF advice is to get there earlier….. before 7pm, and park in the STATION CAR PARK.
prepay using station parking app for £6.50 or pay when you arrive for £11.00 ALL NIGHT until 4.30 am in the morning.
When you come out of the STATION CAR PARK – YOU CAN TURN RIGHT and avoid the nightmare TRAFFIC QUEUE going Left (anti clockwise) on the ring road and be off Greenwich site in less than 10 mins !!

Hi all, I’ve returned to this site a few times and it has been very useful so thanks! However, I’m trying to book the station car park via the Dash website and it will not give me the 6 pounds price – only 11 for the day. I am loathe to install the app as I seem to remember it being awful, and the reviews mirror this! IS the price of 6 pounds ONLY available on the app??

Hi can anyone help with blue badge parking at or very close to the 02 please?

We will be arriving about 10.30 am and aim to leave at 3pm. We are going to Dinosaurs in the Wild so not actually an 02 event if that makes a difference.

Thanks for your help x

Hi. We are also going to dinosaur in wild on Monday. Today is Friday. Is this the best place to park for the dinosaurs or is there another car park. Thanks Martin

Thank you for such a great blog post!!! This has been SO SO helpful getting ourselves sorted for an up coming booking we have. The post updates & all the comments are superb, so informative! You’ve saved us money before we’ve even got there.

Thank you
Carole : )

Took our daughter to see the Arctic Monkeys last night at the O2 after reading this page and all the helpful comments. Got there before 6pm, parked in the station car park, paid the £11 at the machine straight away. All good, so thanks for everyone’s help.

fantastic advice.
Parked in North Greenwich Station, early for a gig, loads of spaces, parked NEAR EXIT and when we left we drove straight out and turned right along with everyone else!

however, DASH PARKING, I registered online for auto pay using cameras, and I have no idea if I have actually
paid to park last night. the website is awful, as is the app, as is the “helpline”. Despite a confirmation email to
say I set up Auto pay I am still waiting to see…i hope this isn’t a saga!

I have just downloaded the NCP app but it won’t let me pre-book for North Grenwich Station. Anyone else had this problem. Thanks

Yes had same problem when went onto NCP website it said pre booking not available for the North Greenwich Station car park.

People: you need to read my threads.
YOU CAN NOT BOOK THE STATION CAR PARK. it is a turn up and take your chances car park, but usually between 5 and 6.30 it empties out (commuters coming home from working in london) so good chance you’ll get a space before 7 pm. If you don’t get a space then drive to the supermarket at parks down the road, or worse case go into one of the O2 car parks and lay the £30
It’s not confusing and if you find it confusing then you probably shouldn’t be driving in London Town !

Brilliant thread. Parked in station car park for £11, turned right on exit, not too much queuing to get out. We arrived around 3.45 and got a space, although car park then was quite full; popped back to car around 5.30 and there were plenty of spaces then.

I’m due to go up to London on 3rd November, for a trip into the city and then back to the o2 for the evening event. We need to be up there by 8.30am – how likely is it I will get a space on the North Greenwich Station Car Park at that time of day, and, if I don’t, where can I park all day until late in the evening without paying a huge amount of money? I can pre-book the o2 car park but it doesn’t appear to allow you in before 10am.

Going up to see ELO on a sat and driving up. Was hoping to use station car park but how likely is it that we could get a space on a Sat afternoon. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.

Many thanks


I have now tried all 3 options, pre booked car parking in the events area (total rip off and took ages to get out) we have blagged the “cinema and meal line” and parked in the other car park – wasn’t too bad, but I get really flustered not telling the truth. On Sunday we were going to see Michael McIntyre, so decide to this time try the car parking at North Greenwich station, I registered for dash park and go, drive straight in (around 5.30pm) plenty of spaces, literally took a few minutes to walk into the O2 – later on we drove straight out. I then received a text the following day from dash which showed my arrival times and departure times and charged me £6.10 – arrivals after 7pm do get charged the overnight price of £25 so get there a bit earlier!

For some reasons car park 2 is now opening at 9am. They suggest to use car park 1 instead, which I did last week and ended up paying £40 instead of £13 in CP2 (from 8:30/9am until 5pm!!!) IPeople are now just queuing in front of CP2 until 9am… absolutely ridiculous.

So last night, we went to see U2 at the O2 … A few more info to give you a rounded up view. I live in Kent, so driving to the O2 was the best option for us (and cheapest). Arrived there at round about 13.50 (45 mn drive). Following the advice here, we parked at North Greenwhich station. At that time (so round about 14.00), the parking was full. 4-5 cars driving around. I was lucky however, and managed to get a spot within 5mn of going around as somebody walking by was just leaving. Paid with the App as advised immediately as I arrived, and it cost me £11.20 (£11.00 + 2 * an optional 10p for various reminder texts I opted in whilst registering). We ate at the O2 first (great many choices by the way). Before queuing up, I went back to the car park, at round about 17.00 and literally, it was at least a 3rd empty. So I moved our car to be near the exit, as there were plenty of spaces left at that time. Concert finished at 22.50, back in the car at 23.00 (it is that quick to get back to the car park !), and if you exit on the right as you exit the car park and back to the main avenue as advised in the posts above, apart from a bit of traffic to let cars out up to reaching the A2 round-about (10mn in he queue roughly on that road), it is fairly quick. It took us 35mn to drive back home (West Malling), we were at home at 23.45. A dream ! Thank you for the advise … So a few tips, mentioned in various comments above:

1) Best time to reach the North Greenwhich station car park: probably around 16.00 – 17.00 as commuters leave. You might get lucky before to get a space (as I did), but probably not guaranteed and it gets pretty full, up to that point. Ensure in any case that you arrive before 19.00 and pay before 19.00. Best way to do this ?
Register an account on Park and Tube:
and download the DashPark app (
Other payment options: pay by card directly onsite, pay by phone over text (car park location is 2222) etc …

2) Since the car park operates a car number plate automatic recognition system, I was wondering if you get charged after leaving, even if you did not park (in case you cannot find a parking space). The answer is NO, provided you leave within 10mn of entering (I phoned up NCP, and that’s what they told me).

3) Alternative options: the “non-event” car parks as mentioned above, but you need t get your story straight, and probably depends on who you get at the gate and whether they believe your story about eating out, going to the movie etc … Or the various other options cited above in previous postings ….

In summary: from what I have read however and my experience, by far the best option is the station car park, very easy to find, and if you are prepared to drive around the car park and wait for a space to get freed up (or better, hit the car park at around 16.00-17.00), you will get a space. Remember to create your account online, pay before 19.00, and you will enjoy your experience at the O2, as we did …

Extra tip to beat the tube queue, if you are going back by train, rather than queuing on the left with all other public transport goers when leaving the venue and being stuck in the massive queue, follow the people going to the station car park, you can then join back the tube that way and directly jump the queue to access the top of the stairs for the tube (we saw quite a few people doing this last night) ;-). Good luck all …. and THANK YOU EVERYBODY for this Blog. Great advice !

We parked in the station car park from lunch time until about 10.30 for 11.00. great advice thank you. We were a little confused as it said a different price after 7 and we wernt sure if we would get charged both prices, but we had a go at the ticket machine and just paid the 11.00. was a little busy getting out but that was expected and beats riding the crowded tube anyday.

Anybody know where “The Avenue Parking” is at the 02?

I was looking at The Outlet website and trying to find out if there was any special place to park just for the new shops?

Would just like to confirm the view of others. We went yesterday (Friday) to Andrea Bocelli and arrived at the North Greenwich station car park around 4.45pm. It was probably only half full (does no one work Fridays anymore?) so parked right by the exit. I paid at the machine (£11.00) by card which was quick and then we had a meal and browsed the shops before the concert. On leaving we walked back through the station and out th other side straight into the car park. Exit only took a few minutes and a policeman at the exit suggested we turn right for Blackwall tunnel, which we did and was so quick! 30 minutes after leaving our seats we were on the M11 heading home. Unbelievable!
Thanks for the good advice from others. Much appreciated.

Thank you so much for this! I was anxious about parking at 02, but followed your instructions and it was all good! Arrived at 5:50pm on a Saturday and there lots of spaces. It took apx 8 minutes to work out how to pay using the text messaging service though which wasn’t so much fun on a cold night! There was another long que which I assume was to pay at a machine – but it was too long to even consider!

To pay, I phoned 03331231994. A recorded message then told me to text 80020 with my registration number etc etc. If you do this before arriving at the car park – you will be one step ahead of the game in terms of paying.

I went to O2 on Sunday around 4:30 pm and tried to enter Car Park 2 which had a number of free spaces. There was an attendant who said that the car park was not working and that I should go to Car Park 1. I asked him what about the one I just crossed meaning the station car park. The crook asked me to go to Car Park 1 and that he did not know how much the other car park charged. He tried to convince me that I turn around to go to car park 1.
I turned around and parked in the station car park. When I came out at 10:45 I paid £6:00.
At O2 the Arena had an event cancelled and the Indigo had an event. Both the car park 1 and 2 had a number of spaces, but the Car Park 2 is charged by the hour and Car Park 1 is a flat charge of £17 or £34 depending upon the event I go to. Still did not manage to find out how they would determine the charge if both the venues had events. So the Management CROOKS at O2 decide to have an attendant crook stand at the entrance to car park 2 and direct the traffic to Car Park 1. That would mean a minimum of £11 per car who take the bait. The hi-viz jacket worn by the crook would give credibility to the advice.
If you gave such a situation you may want to ask how the parked cars would come out of Car park 2 if it is not working. Also if it is not working they should have it free as long as there are spaces as they are meant to provide the service.
This is a well orchestrated CON and there are some who are lining their pockets by making the poor consumers suckers.
As such the website instructions by O2 for parking is designed to confuse people.
I telephoned O2 parking and asked them how I should park if were going to an event. The lady who answered the phone said that I should park in Car Park 1. I learnt that she too was a crook as all of the others related O2 parking. I asked if I could park in Car Park 2. She said that I should park only in Car Park 1. On saying that I could decide not to go to the event after entering the arena she said that I should provide evidence with bills and the like for the duration of my stay there.
I then learnt that this is no ordinary scam it is preplanned, orchestrated SCAM.
Is there an ombudsman for parking?

Went to the O2 tonight to see The Four Tops & Temptations & parked in car park 2. There was someone at the barrier who asked if we were going to the show and I said no, we are going for a meal then the cinema. We arrived at 6.15 and left at 10.30; we paid £12.00, £15.00 less than car park 1.

Also went to the O2 last night to see the Four Tops and Temptations. Following the great advice on this blog we successfully parked in the station carpark having pre registered for auto pay. Thanks for the great advice!

Went to O2 last night to watch Years and Years – followed the advice from this page and worked like a dream!
Thanks for sharing 🙂

Thanks for all the great advice here!
Fortunately as it turned out, I left it too late to pre-book an O2 car park space for the Paul McCartney gig on 16th December. Not having been to the O2 before I didn’t know where else to park so this blog was a lifesaver.
We arrived at about 4pm and found plenty of spaces in the North Greenwich station car park. Parked there for £6.20 and paid very easily with the Dash app which I’d downloaded to my phone the day before.
Turned right on exiting as advised above and the queue wasn’t too bad.
Nearer and much cheaper than O2 car park 1!

Going to see Disney on Ice at the O2 this coming Saturday. Doors open at 9.30am so will be an early one. Not being a typical business working day do you think I’ll be able to get into the north Greenwich station car park easily then?
I too was about to prebook but it said it was full! Having a panic I took to Google but thank goodness I found this page!
If anyone’s got any experience getting to the o2 early on a Saturday morning that would be great?

Hi Jenny, we have parked in this car park every time we’ve attended events at the O2, which is quite a few over the last two years. We too got onto this parking option through finding this forum whilst researching O2 parking online, having never visited the O2 before at that point. Whilst we’ve never needed to park early on a Saturday morning before, we have visited on a Saturday and parked in the afternoon which was fine. We’ve had no problems whatsoever in finding a parking space each time we have been, so I think you’ll be absolutely fine. I do appreciate it’s a bit of a worry when you’ve not had to do it before, we felt like that too, but honestly, it was so easy and now we feel like “old hands” at it ! So, I hope you get on alright, I’m sure you will, and enjoy the show.

Has anyone used the station car park on a sunday. going to an event at the O2 but there is a matinee and evening event and car park 1 you have to select which showing, does that mean you can’t park there earlier if you going to the evening event, as we had planned to eat before the show. Hoping to arrive about 3pm. Thanks

Ok, fantastic information so thanks everyone, may I ask this. Plan to park in NCP station car park at 5pm this Friday, I download the Dash app thing and registered my car. Can I simply park on arrival, see my little one sing and drive away without having to queue to pay now?

It appears the number plate recognition takes care of everything and will bill me after I leave, is that correct?

Can anyone tell me why CP2 is blocked for access in the mornings on week days when the O2’s own website states (under Parking FAQs) that all their car parks are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?

How long does a prebooked ticket in CP1 last? Is it 24 hours? We are going to an evening concert and staying overnight. Are we ok to leave the car in CP1 til the next day? Thank you.

Hello, just wanted to thank everyone who has contributed any information to this blog. I went to the o2 Arena on the 9/4/19 for a concert and arrived at the station car park at 18:30 and found plenty of spaces. I paid £11 by card and as I exited the car park I took a right turn in the opening of the road as suggested and made my way towards Blackwall tunnel in no time. Just remember to get there before 19:00. Thanks

I found this blog very useful and thought my recent experience would help others. We went to the O2 on Sunday to see Take That. Arrived about 5.30 pm and headed straight for the station car park as per the good advice here. Well, it was packed and there were about 20 cars parked up waiting for spaces. Maybe it was extra busy because of the bank holiday? We were lucky and didn’t have to wait long before someone left. We were also lucky as the cost was just £6 for the Sunday until 4.30 am the next morning. All other days parking is £11 if paying before 7.00 pm. (Note – costs are going up soon to something like £7 Sunday’s and £12.50 all other days.) All good and we were very happy. Great concert, but it took almost an hour to get out of the car park. And we were fairly close to the exit. We would definitely park there again, but hover and aim for a space right by the exit. We jokingly said we’d jog back to the car next time, but if it made the difference of an hour, I’d definitely do it.

Lizzie, Snap ! We went to Take That too, but on Thursday night. i have parked at Station car park a few times now, and am one of the ” london drivers” who explained about the turn right thing (out of car park) and the keep right thing until you’ve passed all the exits from other car park parks…. etc etc… ANYHOW, We had the same “unusual” traffic chaos as you did, we had to wait 3/4 hour to get out of car park, (before we could turn right)… now it could just have been shear volume of traffic, but I strongly suspect it is the result of the growth of use of UBER taxi’s….. !!!! – i was parked near the entrance and down the first lane on left, near the end, when i looked out to the exit road i could see lines of (white) Prius everywhere (!!!)… which was strange in itself… and then noticed lots of people walking across the car park to get into one of the Prius in the caravan….. ie, i think the entrance road to station car park has become the UBER pick up point for people from O2 / station….. the UBER cabs DO NOT come into the car park, but pull up outside the car park, then do a U turn through the gap in the central reservation, that usually acts as the quick get out from the station car park…. !
ironic isn’t it….. the UBER cabs are actually causing the congestion that “leaving your car at home” was supposed to alleviate. LOL. still at least it only cost £6.00 to park instead of the rip off £30 in the offical car parks…

is the car parks busy on a Saturday. Going to see Michael buble tomorrow and the pre-booked car parking spaces are fully booked. I am 33 weeks pregnant and really don’t fancy the tube as its very humid as it is. Also don’t want to turn up and It be extra busy and no parking spaces. Any advice would be great. Looking to get there for around 4pm

Saw Hugh Jackman last night, parked up at 1pm, busy but few spaces, went to machine, paid £12.50.

Google maps already tells you to cut across the traffic on exit, we stayed till the end and was a nightmare to leave, about 30 mins from getting in car to on the road.

Thanks for the advice Chris and all, glad to report its still the best advice!

We used Greenwich North Station car park for an event on Tuesday 4th June. We got there about 4.30pm and used the machine to pay with a card. There were plenty of spaces and no problem with payment which has now gone up from £11 to £12.50. Hope this may be of help to someone. I really appreciated the info on this site when planning for the event.

We went to the O2 for a Westlife concert tonight and we followed the information given in this blog regarding the North Station car park. I was quoted £35 earlier in the day for car park 1 but decided to follow the tips and paid £12.50 when we arrived at 6.30…after 7pm it goes up to £25….it took a few rounds of the car park before finding a parking space and it was a short walk to the arena..there was a half an hour wait to get out of the car park. My suggestion would be to get to the carpark earlier and try and park near the exit for quicker exit later on

Went to see Westlife last night and as with other comments we parked in the North Greenwich station car park. We arrived around 3:45 and although it was busy it wasn’t full, there were quite a few spaces around mainly near the exit. So as per advice we parked as near to the exit as possible went to purchase a parking ticket (if you can’t remember your registration write it down as you will need it) it was £12.50. On exiting it was gridlocked and now we were glad that we parked where we did. Even though we were fairly close to the exit it still took 35 minutes to get onto the main road, I can’t imagine how long it took if you parked nearer to the arena rather than the exit?. As you exit the car park turn right for the black wall tunnel, this is difficult as you are battling queues in both directions and most cars won’t let you out this is what causes the hold up in the car park. What was normally an hour and 20 minute journey home turned into 2 hours and 15 minutes because of all the congestion. The only other option is to leave the concert early which some people did, but that’s what we went for so we stayed until the end……

Parked in North Greenwich as suggested and close to the exit. It did take a long time to exit but my main frustration was although I set up a Dash Park Account and thought the ANPR would debit my card automatically, it didn’t. You need to pre set North Greenwich in the website and tick several boxes to give authorisation for the debit. Paying by card at the machine would have been the best option. As the saying goes I should have RTFI’s. Expensive learning curve. ?

Hi there, going to little mix on Saturday and o2 car park 1 is full, should I try the station or car park 2 (for non event)? Planning on getting there about 2.

What a great thread and wish I had found this earlier before I paid £24 to pre book my space in car park 1!! My question is I’m at the 02 on Friday to see Little Mix, I’m concerned about getting stuck in the car park on the way out, does anyone have any tips to avoid this please? I haven’t been to the 02 before so anything would be appreciated to make our visit a bit easier. Many thanks

Great information in this thread about parking I will be using!
However tomorrow (Friday) I will be picking up the miss and kids from little mix, can anyone advise me the best place to meet them that’s easy for them to get to and easy for me for a quick escape
Thanks in advance!!

I’m going to see little mix tomorrow but realised I haven’t had any email confirmation for the car park. Funds have been taken from my account, will I need confirmation or does it recognise the car ref??? Thanks

Has anyone been to an early show at the 02? We have booked Disney on Ice 10.30am and have booked car park 1. It says we can’t enter the car park until 10am. Valet parking is fully booked already so we have standard event parking ticket. After a long drive with a little one I’m concerned this won’t give us enough time to park, take her to the toilet, find our way to our seats in time for the start of the show? Does anyone know when the tickets are pre booked for parking whether we will be able to enter the car park earlier than 10am? Think it’s registration recognition so probably not?
Is it quite quick to get into the arena once we get there? I hate rushing and don’t want to miss any of the show!


We have tickets for ATP Finals for this Sunday(17th Nov). The match start at 1530 and we plan to get there for around 1400. This would be our first time to O2 Arena.

I just wanted to check with how easy would it be to find a parking at the North Greenwich and just in case I don’t find parking what are my other options at the last minute.

Is Asda on Bugsby’s Way, Charlton, London SE7 7ST an option?

Thanks in advance.




I’m picking up my daughter from Jack Whitehall on Sunday at about 10.15. I don’t need to park but just wondered if there was a pick up.point to avoid having to pay for a car park for 10 minutes…

Thank you for this information. We went to the o2 on Thursday 23rd Jan 2020 to see our daughter in the Young Voices. We got there at 2:45pm ish as we planned to see a film before the concert. We parked close to the exit. Husband downloaded the PaybyPhone Parking app and it worked. We used the waze app to get us to the o2. The concert finished at around 9pm and we got out the car park no problems. We turned right as everyone had advocated. We had a v smooth journey getting home.

Thanks for the info. I dropped my daughter and her friend off on Sunday night for the Jonas Brothers concert. I used the 15 mins free drop off period so didn’t have to worry about parking. I picked them up in the same car park at 10:34 and it took me an hour to get out. It seemed as if they let Car Park 1 and 2 out first so just a heads up for everyone!

Went to see the Jonas Brothers yesterday (Sunday) at the O2. Parked in the Ikea/B&Q car park (at Millennium Leisure Park) at around 6.50pm. A 5min bus ride later and we were at the O2. Was back comfortably before the five hours’ free parking ran out. Main plus point (besides the cost saving) was not getting stuck in all the traffic – which appeared totally gridlocked – as people left the O2 car parks. Buses frequent and cheap but remember you can only pay by contactless card/Oyster etc (no cash).

I’m taking my daughter & friends in a few weeks. This sounds look a good idea. Does the ikea car park shut??
I’m feeling a bit nervous but this sounds good. Is the bus stop obvious??

This information is still relevant. Worked a treat on Wednesday 22nd January 2020. We arrived at North Greenwich Station car park just after 5pm. Parked close to the exit. A few cars leaving at this time. Had already downloaded the Paybyphone App so just input our location and paid on phone whilst in the car park. Short walk through to 02 complex. Concert finished just before 9pm and we were out of the car park (turning right) by 9.04pm. Thank you so much to everyone for keeping this up to date, it was really useful to know. Only thing I would note is look for sign to North Greenwich Station car park carefully as is easy to turn one junction early thinking it’s the correct way!

Going to Ball and Boe on a Saturday. Will there be spaces at station car Park at around 3 pm or should I just pre book ?? Thnx

Hi going to The Script Saturday eve. Thinking of arriving 5 ish and parking north Greenwich car park. Is this likely to be an issue in a Saturday? Do I need to be there earlier to park near exit?
Alternatively I may use tube/ rail but wondered if that is also a nightmare trying to get on train after event? Thanks in advance

Hello, does anyone have information regarding picking up from North Greenwich station, I have been waiting on the main road by the steps at the bus stop but now there is a notice to say there are cameras there, I spoke with an 02 security guard and he didn’t know about this new sign and advised to drive pasted the car park entrances, security office and cable car entrance on the right and follow the road all the way round to the left which brings you to the exit near the small Tesco’s and pick up from there, is anyone doing this?

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