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Top 10 Songs by: Prefab Sprout

If you’re a fan, your top 10 Prefab Sprout songs will be quite different. For everyone else, try these 10 tracks. Spotify playlist.

  • Someone said that you only really like a band if you have real trouble deciding what your top 10 songs of theirs are. Good point. It turns out that not as many acts meet that criterion as I would have thought. But when I remember one, I make up a playlist for it…

10. The Best Jewel Thief In the World

A creation only McAloon could summon, a professional cracksman at the top of his game, scorning the little folk (“what do any of those assholes know?”).Danny Eccleston, 2013

9. We Let The Stars Go

There was always something of Bacharach and David or even Irving Berlin in Paddy McAloon’s songwriting. So many of his songs would have been at home in most decades of the 20th century.’We Let The Stars Go’ is a case in point, a gorgeous confection that is sweet without being cloyingly, 2016

8. Earth, The Story So Far

(notes to follow)

7. Andromeda Heights

(notes to follow)

6. Scarlet Nights

(notes to follow)

5. The Mystery of Love

(notes to follow)

4. I Remember That

(notes to follow)

3. Looking For Atlantis

(notes to follow)

2. Hey Manhattan!

(notes to follow)

1. When Love Breaks Down

(notes to follow)

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