Beds, Scientific Instruments and more: a few new websites

A few websites I feel obliged to recommend to you, mainly because I had a hand in making them.

Slumbers Bed Shop in Colchester is jointly run by my nephew James Rand and has really helped their bed and mattress business relaunch this year. James and Phil have been in the beds business for many years and reckon what people want is the right bed, delivered and set up in your home with a smile. Good luck to them.

My friend Sam Davies recently decided to run for a seat on Cambridge City Council, and I offered to help her create a “Sam for Queen Edith’s” campaign website which she has since developed into a blog. She did really well in the election, for a first-time independent candidate, and it’d be great to see her run again in 2020. “Sam 2020” sounds like it should be on baseball caps, doesn’t it?

Finally, another friend, Paul Butler, has set up his own business, a specialist service and repair company supporting laboratory instrumentation from Cecil Instruments, a UK manufacturer which no longer develops new products. There are many Cecil instruments in laboratories around the world, and Cecil Instrumentation Services is the official supplier of parts, spares and consumables, repairs, maintenance and calibration for them.