Investing Update No.1: January 2022

What a horrible start to the year. Overall –8.1%, the worst month since I started keeping detailed monthly records a couple of years ago. Just the commodity funds showing any signs of life, and even dependables like Halma turning in an inexplicable stinker. As the month ends, there may be light at the end of the tunnel, but I’m guessing that even with a fair wind, it’ll take most of the year to wipe out those losses. At least with the world tracker dropping 7.9%, I know the malaise was widespread and it wasn’t my picks making the situation so bad.

My super-dull benchmark, Vanguard LifeStrategy 60% Equity Fund A Acc (GB00B3TYHH97:GBP) lost just under 3%.

End JanStart Jan
CommoditiesBlackrock Energy & Resources£1.10£1.01+8.9%
CommoditiesInvesco Bloomberg Commodities£16.84£15.51+8.6%
Investment TrustsHg Capital£4.18£4.20–0.5%
BondsRoyal London Sterling Extra Yield£1.17£1.18–0.8%
CommoditiesiShares Physical Gold£26.08£26.32–0.9%
BondsMI Twentyfour Dynamic£185.29£188.39–1.6%
BondsSchroder Sterling Corp.£1.94£1.99–2.5%
Investment TrustsHarbourvest Global PE£27.75£28.70–3.3%
Index TrackersInvesco NASDAQ-100£268.71£279.39–3.8%
Company SharesXP Power£48.60£51.00–4.7%
Company SharesRenishaw£45.36£47.80–5.1%
Company SharesSynairgen£1.96£2.08–5.8%
Index TrackersiShares MSCI World SRI£6.10£6.62–7.9%
Company SharesSpectris£33.66£36.58–8.0%
Company SharesTirupati Graphite£0.76£0.84–9.5%
Company SharesMkango Resources£0.27£0.30–10.0%
Investment TrustsAugmentum Fintech£1.37£1.60–14.4%
Investment TrustsMonks£11.56£13.74–15.9%
Company SharesValereum£0.38£0.46–17.4%
Investment TrustsAgronomics£0.18£0.22–18.2%
Company SharesHalma£24.96£32.00–22.0%
Investment TrustsMolten Ventures£7.64£10.18–25.0%
Company SharesAvacta Group£0.85£1.26–32.5%