Seven reasons why 25 May is such a Glorious Day

  1. It’s the birthday of loads of people I’m proud to share a birthday with. They include Paul Weller, Frank Oz, Mike Myers, Sir Ian McKellen, Julian Clary, Cillian Murphy, Sir Jonny Wilkinson, Sugar Minott, Alastair Campbell, Igor Sikorsky, Richard Dimbleby and Hal David.
  2. It’s a big day for geeks: 25 May is Geek Pride Day. This originated in Spain in 2006 as Día del Orgullo Friki, where a manifesto was created listing of the basic rights and responsibilities of geeks.
  3. It’s a big day for Douglas Adams fans: 25 May is Towel Day, a tribute to the author when fans are supposed to carry a towel with them. If you don’t know the significance of the towel, then I don’t want to know you.
  4. It’s a big day for Terry Pratchett fans: In Night Watch, a Discworld book, citizens rise up in a revolution and later, survivors of the People’s Revolution gather each year on ‘The Glorious Twenty-Fifth of May‘ to remember their fallen brethren while wearing lilac blooms on their lapels. Now fans wear lilac on the day to remember Sir Terry.
  5. It’s a big day for real Star Wars fans: although the pun-tastic 4 May (“May the Fourth be with you”) gets more headlines nowadays, the real celebration of the series is 25 May. This was the release date of the original movie in 1977, as well as Return of the Jedi, the final film of the original trilogy, in 1983.
  6. It’s a big day for webmasters: 25 May is the anniversary of responsive web design, launched in a 2010 A List Apart article, and GDPR, which has probably given web folk more employment and more headaches than anything since Internet Explorer 6.
  7. It’s a big day in Argentina: 25 May (Veinticinco de Mayo) is the Día de la Revolución de Mayo holiday, which marks the end of the revolutionary events in 1810, considered the birth of modern Argentina. Veinticinco de Mayo is also the name of a town in Buenos Aires province and the aircraft carrier which started off life as HMS Venerable but ended up fighting on the other side in the Falklands War.

Happy 25 May!