Too promising to be true?

QI is a new TV series starting next week on BBC Two: “With Stephen Fry as host, guests including Alan Davies, Rich Hall and Jimmy Carr are quizzed on bizarre facts and unusual information, and points are awarded for interesting answers rather than correct ones.” It sounds too good to be true. And it gets even better: Bill Bailey was shown as a guest on the trailer.

A Postcode Finder which works!

Here’s a good find: an easy-to-use version of the the Royal Mail Postcode Finder, the normal version being one of those websites which has long been criticised as an overelaborate nightmare (takes ages to load, requires pointless logging-on, etc etc). The nice version is on the Royal Mail Access Website which it has kindly designed "so that people with disabilities, including visual impairments can access it easily". You have to wonder: what about the rest of us? Thanks NTK

UPDATE (2007): I can no longer find a separate version for people with disabilities, but the “normal” version has been made somewhat easier to use.

The Case for re-opening the Cambridge to Huntingdon Railway Line

Visit Henry Tribe’s The Case for re-opening the Cambridge to Huntingdon Railway Line if you want good, regular updates on what’s happening on all aspects of this subject. Also, the Milton Railway Station Campaign is campaigning for access to rail services in Milton village north of Cambridge “preferably by building our own Railway Station”, and to improve rail in the region, including the reopening of the Cambridge to St.Ives railway line. Just like us in Cherry Hinton, they have a railway line running right through the village, but no station (D’oh!).

Cheapest directory enquiries calls

Yet another example at the moment of the “all competition is good” mantra which our sadly-deluded successive governments have fallen for. This weekend the telephone directory enquiries service gets opened up to commercial alternatives. They’ve made the new numbers as unmemorable as possible (118 xxx, what’s that all about?) so inevitably people are going to the one which advertises the most, and guess who pays for that? The price differentials are frightening and all I can say is, visit the brilliant Money Saving Expert website, where the guy who runs it, Martin Lewis, has gone through everything. He recommends: [1] Use the internet (like, which is free); [2] Sign up to One-Tel, which has a free directory enquiries service; or [3] use the cheapest services, 118 888 or 118 800, which will save a fortune on normal calls which he’s tested. And never call connect which is hugely expensive.