Boot out the Bus

Whilst the CAST.IRON people are planning to provide an alternative to the daft guided bus system north of Cambridge, plenty of people are campaigning hard to ensure everyone knows how ridiculous the bus plans are. The Hunts Post newspaper seems to be at the forefront with its Boot out the Bus campaign. Good for them.

Take the train from Cambridge to St. Ives!

Well, not yet. Met Tim Phillips today, guiding light behind CAST.IRON (The Cambridge And St. Ives Railway Organisation). The completely unwanted and unworkable Guided Bus system proposed for north of Cambridge will, as most residents know, either take years to happen and be a great white elephant, or will quietly die. What CAST.IRON plans to do is to restore regular, timetabled rail services to the Cambridge-St Ives Line, which hasn’t been in operation for years but which has only been officially closed this summer. It’s a terrific initiative, based on a successful project along similar lines at the Wensleydale Railway in Yorkshire. The plan is simply for the community to buy the line, restore it, and run it themselves, privately. I wish them well.